The Union of Hope and Light

Patamon leaned back in a chair outside the Takeshi apartment, just staring at the clouds above him. One of them, he thought, looked like a cat that he fell in love with, and he knew that he had to tell her soon, and to tell her in the right way.

"Gatomon, I have something to say...I love you." he rehearsed in his head, then shook it. "No, too direct."

Then he rehearsed a different approach.

"Gatomon, have you ever fallen in love? Well, I have...with you." he thought, then shook his head again. "No, that doesn't sound quite right either."

He then was aware of someone watching him. He turned to see TK watching him from inside.

"Trying to get a suntan, Patamon?" he asked, with a smirk on his face. "You're already halfway there."

"Oh, ha, ha," Patamon answered. "Everyone's a comedian."

TK slid open the sliding door and stepped out on the balcony. He grabbed another chair and sat next to him.

"Thinking about Gatomon?" he asked.

"Thinking of the right way to tell my feelings to her. I can't let that poor excuse for a dragon grab her before I do," Patamon said. "But I have to do it exactly right."

"I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just spend time with her, and eventually, the words will come," TK said.

Patamon rolled his eyes, as he turned towards TK.

"Coming from a guy that's having the same problems with another girl we know, that's not too reassuring." he answered.

Then he got on all fours and flew off.

"Hey, wait. Where are you going?" TK asked.

"I thought I'd see if I can get a date with her," Patamon answered.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, another guy was trying a slightly...different approach to the same problem.

"Kari, you and Gatomon are going to be dating me and Veemon," Davis told Kari over the phone.

"What? Since when?" Kari answered.

"Since now. I mean, come on..." Davis started, before Kari interrupted.

"Davis, you can't just call out of the blue and say that we will go on a date! You can try asking, but you can't demand it!" Kari said, obviously annoyed, and hung up.

"I told you it wouldn't work," Veemon said. "And next time you have one of your great ideas, I wish you wouldn't use my name in it."

"I can't let TB have her. I can't let that cap-wearing, blond haired idiot have her," Davis said, making a fist.

"Well, I'll go over there and see if I still have a shot at getting a date with Gatomon. After making Kari think I was in on your plan, I'm not so sure I do," Veemon said.

The two of them end up meeting at the front door to Kari's apartment building.

"Hey, batpig, what do you think you're doing here?" Veemon asked.

"I could ask you the same thing, you poor excuse for a dragon," Patamon answered.

They both glared at each other, before a voice from above said, "Stop it, you two."

They looked up to see Gatomon on the balcony about three stories above them. She jumped to a couple of lower balconies before landing on the ground near the two of them.

"I'm guessing both of you are here to see me," she said.

"Yes. Gatomon, will you go out with me?" they said at the same time. Then, when they realized what the other had said, they glared at each other again.

Gatomon sighed, thinking, "This is getting way out of hand."

"I'm not sure when, or even if, I'll date either of you," Gatomon said. "Give me some time to consider your requests, and maybe I will."

She jumped back up to the balcony and went inside. The two rivals watched her, hen shot one last glare at each other before turning and walking home.

To be continued...


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