The Union of Hope and Light

Chapter 2

After walking inside, Kari could tell something happened out there. She was about to ask about it, when Gatomon answered her question.

"Patamon and Veemon asked me out, at the same time," Gatomon said.

"At the same time?" Kari asked. "Who did you pick?"

"I turned them both down for now," Gatomon answered.
"At least Veemon asked. Davis called and demanded a date," Kari said.

They flopped down on a couch, lost in their own thoughts. Then Kari came up with an idea to Gatomon's problem.

"Hey, maybe you should go on 2 dates, one with Patamon, one with Veemon." Kari suggested. "Then maybe you can choose from there."

"Hey, that's a great idea." Gatomon said.

"Just don't tell either of them. If they knew, then they'd be on their best behavior. This way, you can see what they're really like." Kari said.

After working out the details on how she was going to handle this, Gatomon called up Patamon.

"Hey, Gatomon," Patamon said.

"Patamon, how would you like to go on a date?" Gatomon asked, with a seductive purr added in.

Patamon blinked in surprise. This was the kind of call he only dreamed about, and now that it was happening, he was totally toungue tied.

"Say something, you idiot," he told himself.

"Sure," He stammered out. "I'll go on a date with you, anytime, anywhere."

" about the digital world...say...8 PM Thursday. We'll meet up at my place when we go," she said, still using her seductive voice.

"It's Saturday today...yeah, that should work."

"Great. Bye," she said, and hung up.

As soon as he hung up, he shot straight up into the air, and did about 50 acrobatic maneuvers, since he was so happy.

"Hello, Veemon," Gatomon said, with the same seductive purr.

"G-Gatomon," Veemon stammered out.

"How about a date?" she said.

"Of course."

"Say...8 PM Saturday."

"That should work. I'll meet you at your place." he said. As soon as he hung up, he chuckled.

"That batpig will love it when he finds out. I'll be a bit cruel and let him find out himself," Veemon thought.

When Gatomon finished with Veemon, Kari said, "I never heard you use a voice like that before."

"It's a voice I don't use all that often," Gatomon said. "Just for situations like that."

"Well, from listening to what you were saying, it seemed to work on both of them," Kari said.

Gatomon nodded.

"I have to prepare," she said, grabbing her digivice and heading to the Digital world.

5 days later...

"I don't know about this, TK," Patamon said, looking at the bow tie on his neck.

"You look fine, Patamon. And remember, you do have the bouquet of flowers," T.K. said.

Patamon nodded. The other day, the two of them headed over to the florist shop, where Patamon picked out some white roses, one of Gatomon's favorite flowers. He picked up a dozen of them to give to her when she met him at the door.

"I'm off," he said, flying out the door. As he flew, he decided to buzz by Davis' apartment.

"Veemon probably already heard that I got a date with Gatomon. I'll fly by, just to tease him a little." Patamon said.

Veemon was looking at a Japanese magna, when he noticed Patamon flying by, with the bouquet and the bow toe.

"He's probably going to try to get a date with Gatomon. And he's going to get shot down." Veemon thought. "This I gotta see."

To be continued...


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