The Union of Hope and Light

Chapter 3

Veemon left the apartment and tailed Patamon as best he could.Not an easy task, since Patamon could fly, and Veemon was on foot. Despite this, he was able to keep pace.

Patamon went through the front door of the apartment and up to Gatomon's apartment. Veemon peeked from behind the corner to watch.

Patamon knocked on the door, bouquet of flowers in hand. He heard movement on the other end, and Gatomon opened the door.

"Patamon," Gatomon said with a smile, then noticed the flowers.

"Here you are, beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl," he said.

"Aww, that's so sweet, Pata." she said. She took the bouquet and had Kari put them in a vase, then turned back to Patamon. "Well, are you going to stand there all day, or..."

The Patamon heard something, and turned towards the corner. Veemon quickly ducked behind the corner, staying out of sight as he listened.

"What is it?" Gatomon asked.

"I thought I heard something," he answered, and started towards the corner.

"Don't worry about that," Gatomon said, grabbing his arm. "Come on, or we'll be late."

She walked back inside, puling Patamon inside with her. After the door closed, Veemon blinked and looked at the apartment door. He knew something was going on.

"She mentioned being late, but they went inside. That must mean they're headed to the Digital World." Veemon thought.

"So, what's the plan?" Patamon asked, after they were in the digital world.

"I have a reservation for Digitamamon's restaurant, and afterwards, I have a special spot to show you. One of my favorite spots in the digital world." she said.

"Well, any place is my favorite spot, as long as it's with you," he said.

"Aww," Gatomon said, giving him a small nuzzle, before leading the way towards the restaurant.

At the restaurant, the two of them were directed by a couple of Vegimon to a table, which was decorated with a white tablecloth, and both spots have more silverware than one person or mon needs for a meal. Patamon looked over the silverware, confusion on his face.

Gatomon giggled and said "It's easy to know what to use. Just start at the end and work your way in."

A Vegimon handed them each a menu and bounced off to other duties.

As they looked over the menus, Patamon asked "What are you having?"

"Oh, I think I'll just have some fish." Gatomon said. "What about you?"

"I'm not sure...I guess I'll have the same as you." Patamon answered.

Veemon followed them to the Digitamamon restaurant and watched them go in, wondering what was going on. Then something occurred to him.

Was Gatomon on...a date?

He couldn't understand why she was going on a date with Patamon, when he was supposed to have a date with him.

"That kitty will have some explaining to do, now that the cat is out of the bag," Veemon thought, as he walked away.

To be continued...



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