The Union of Hope and Light

Chapter 4

The two digimon enjoyed a large three course meal, consisting of Ceaser salad, some fish, and topped off with some delicious cake.

Patamon offered to pay the bill, but Gatomon flatly refused. They argued a bit, before deciding that they each pay half. After paying, they both left, Gatomon leading. Neither noticed that Veemon was still tailing the two of them.

"So, where are we going?" Patamon asked.

'You'll see," Gatomon answered.

As they walked, Gatomon suddenly slipped behind Patamon and got a blindfold on him before he knew what was going on.

"Hey, what the..." he said, reaching up to pull it off, before Gatomon stopped him.

"It'll be taken off when we reach our location. I'm doing this, because it'll just make it all the more amazing when you do see it," she explained.

Patamon nodded, and they kept walking, Gatomon leading him by a paw. He wished he could see where he was gong, but kept the blindfold on.

When they stopped walking, Gatomon went behind him and took the blindfold off. Patamon blinked a couple of times to get his vision back into focus. When he did, he gasped.

They were on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. the stars and moon shone, reflecting in the crystal blue water. The waves beat gently against the sand of the beach, and there was not a soul in sight. Gatomon was right, it was truly an amazing sight.

"This is incredible," Patamon told her.

"Yes, it is." Gatomon said, looking out towards the ocean. "This is a spot where I used to come a lot. While I was with Myotismon, I found this secret spot, where I could always come to think. You're only the second one that I showed this spot. The only other one was..."

Her voice broke off, as she blinked a couple of times.

"...Wizardmon," she finished.

Patamon put an arm around her shoulders, as she stood there, looking out towards the ocean. A few tears were in her eyes.

"You still miss him?" Patamon asked.

"Every moment of every day," she whispered.

They turned to look at each other, remembering his sacrifice, remembering all the battles they shared together, with both teams of digidestined.

"Patamon, I was going to have another date, with Veemon. It was kind of a test for both of you. But you have made this one of the most magical evenings of my life, and I can't think that anyone can even come close," Gatomon said. "You were able to win my heart, and my love."

As they leaned forward to kiss, Veemon saw quite enough, and sprung out of his hiding place. He was too far away to hear what Gatomon said, but he could see it quite fine.

"Okay, just what is going on?" he said.

"Veemon, do you have to ruin everything?" Patamon asked, turning towards him.

"I do not ruin everything!" he yelled.

"Have you been tailing us the whole time?" Gatomon asked.

"When my girl has another date, 2 days before..."

"Excuse me? Your girl? Since when was I your girl?"

"You asked me out."

"Doesn't make her your girl," Patamon said. "That just means she may consider it."

Veemon clenched a fist and stared into Patamon's eyes. Patamon narrowed his and just stared right back. They stood like that until Gatomon spoke up.

"Veemon, I was never your girl. And I'll probably never be your girl. Patamon was sweet, caring, loving, and considerate of my feelings. Plus, he has a combination of youthful ethiusiasm and seriousness that I like," Gatomon told him.

"A-Are you saying..." Veemon stammered.

"I'm sorry Veemon, but Patamon won this battle," Gatomon said.

Veemon wasn't sure how to handle the news. He felt like his heart was just shattered into a thousand pieces. He looked at the two of them, his face a mixture of sadness and a little bit of anger. He settled for turning and walking off.

They watched him go, both of them actually feeling sorry for him. It was Gatomon who spoke first.

"Should we get back to what we were doing?"

Patamon turned back towards the ocean, then back to Gatomon.

"I don't see why not." he said.

They leaned forward, and kissed, finalizing the union of hope and light.

The End



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