Digimon The Rebirth of Hope

Rate: PG


Summary: Hikaru Takaishi, daughter of TK and Kari and her digimon White Patamon travel to another dimension to revive her father's and White Pata's father Patamon's counterpart who were killed by a digimon called Kamibakamon and also to stop Kari and Gatomon to get married with Davis and Veemon, if you're a Davis and Veemon bashing lover this fic is for you.


Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6


Status: Incomplete



Patamon's Adventure

Rate: PG


Summary: After a fight with Veemon, Patamon ends transported to the Tamers reality, can he return to his home reality or he is gonna be destined to live forever in the Tamers reality? Read and Discover!


Status: Complete