Welcome to the Fanfic Section, here you can read some cool fanfics of Takari and PataGato that I'm sure you gonna like, of course all the fics belong to their respective authors and Digimon belong to Bandai and Toei.

Rules to submit fanfics

1.- It has to be Takari and or PataGato or their other forms. You can use other couples as long the fic includes Takari and or PataGato

2.- The rate allowed is G to PG-13 (you know, little kids can browse the site too)

3.- When you submit your fic, please include a little summary about the story you're writing, if is a saga include the name of the saga and the title of each chapter if applies (you know not everyone put a name to each chapter of a saga), the rating (see point 2 to check the allowed rates) and your pen name and e-mail address (the e-mail address is optional I don't gonna put your e-mail address if you don't want, just especify in your mail if you want that your mail address appear in the site or not.

4.- You can send the fic in the following formats: .TXT, .DOC, .RTF or .HTM or if you prefer you can put your fic in the body of the e-mail.

5.- send your fics to, lordpatamon@hotmail,com or 

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