Tks hat: a sweet memory


One day , gatomon made the following question to kari:
- do you know why tk always wear that hat?

- I don't know. I think it is his favourite one.

-but since he came to live to odaiba i had never seen he taking it off. It must be very special to him , was matt's gift.

Kari was preparing her bag and didn't pay much attention to gatomon's words.

-maybe it is.

-i mean that hat has a speciall meaning for him, i want to know why is so special.

-we can ask him tomorrow , it will be holiday so we are going to spend the day in the digiworld.

-yeah ... But I will ask patamon first .Maybe he knows.

The next day the group went to the computer's room of the school and tai , matt and izzy joined them. Sora didn't come because she was very busy training for the next tennis championship , Joe was studying very hard for an exam and Mimi was too busy with her own business in usa .

-digistined kids here we go! - screamed yolei and in a few seconds they were in the digital world.

They chose to spend the day in a beach .

-ah...that is life- said Yolei while she was taking a sunbath with kari on the sand

-isn't peace wonderful?- kari was totally relaxed- it is great the possibility of coming to this world to have a nice day instead of fighting a digital villain.

-and now that malomyotismon is gone, we can do it whenever we want.

-what a pity that sora didn't come. But i understand , she is training really hard to be the n 1 .

-i'll go to see her in the next game , what about you?

-of course i will. And Tai is coming too.

-matt ... Won't care about that?-yolei looked at her friend doubtful.

- I don't think he will be jealous. He appreciates Tai and knows that my brother won't bother sora with ...that.

-your brother is admirable and exceptional. He is that kind of man that can let go the love of his life if she is in love with someone else. That only cares for her happiness and not his... Why can't I find someone like Tai to be my boyfriend?-yolei sighted.

-what about ken?

-i am not very sure i like him ... You never knows what is going on through his mind. Even he has never taken me from the hand!

-i understand perfectly , the same thing is happening to me with tk. - kari looked at the mentioned boy who was standing over a big rock while he was fishing with patamon and gatomon.

-well maybe he isn't sure about your feelings. And davis is around you all the time spoiling any oportunity for you two to be alone. And may he think that you enjoy making davis feeling jealous because you love davis and not him... And tk hates the discordy.

-oh my god! - kari was pale - i didn't consider that!

-and you never told , directly to davis that you love him as a brother , not as a lover.

-i tried to make him understand ...but never understood the indirects.

- well , like hawkmon i will take a nap . -and yolei yawned

-i will go with tk then , i want to cath a fish .- and kari stood up.

The boys , except izzy, who was still working with his computer and tentomon was building a sand castle, were in the water playing with a ball. Agumon and gabumon were fascinated because they had never done that before and was very funny. Davis suggested to hit the plastic ball with their heads .

- and who 's is the next?- he began to talk when he saw kari going to where was tk.-brats! Those two are going to be alone...well , i feel a bit tired i' ll go too

-no way!- said tai- we need another player in so you still can't leave us unless izzy decides to join us.


-my brother can take care of kari very well- matt showed a cinic smile- and tk has tai's aprovement.

-sure matt-tai smiled too. Tai and matt shared the secret wish that their litle kids someday will fall in love one to each other and ... In a certain time to get married. Tai liked davis , but never felt that was the indicated to take care of kari for the rest of the life.

Davis found no more excuses to go out of the water, so he stayed .
-look patamon!- said tk - here is coming another one!

-wow! It is beautiful!

-i can't wait to eat it - gatomon was excited - it seems delicious.

Tk pulled and... Few seconds later a big fish was caught.

- this is the biggest one whe had caught.and we have four caught with this one.

-hi tk!

Tk turned back and saw kari... How beautifull she was with that pink bikini, he thought.

- do you want to join us, kari?- patamon flew to her arms.

-i came for that, people often says that food tastes better when you have caught it .

- i agree with that philosophy. Do you know how to ...

-of course i do. Tai is a good teacher.

-and i had a good teacher callled matt.

Both laughted.

And kari joined them.

An hour later...

-i wish i could do that fishing activity in the human form- suspirated patamon

Tk heard that.
-why not? Digivolve into angemon!


And angemon appeaered at the scene.

-kari , please. Make me digivolve into angewomon- asked gatomon- i want to do the same thing.

-it will be interesting.-kari used her digivice.

And angewomon appeared at stage.

-and now we will teach you the basic thing-began tk

Davis saw the light of the evolution .

-hey! What's going on?

-i could swear that those are angemon and angewomon- yelled v-mon- has an enemy appeared?

-i can't sense any hostility, tai- said agumon

-and why did the angels show up?- davis began to move- come on v-mon. I won't let kari be in danger! Angemon was enjoying that fishing activity a lot. It was the first occassion that he was called that wasn't to fight any enemy.

Patamon, his other personality was very afortunate. He could share these peacefull moments with tk most of the times. Angemon wished to be more present at those occassions.

-I will, ange- said tk suddenly- you deserve that too. You are not a weapon machine.

Angemon was surprised. Tk has developed some kind of telephaty?

- I developed some strange powers , yes. But later i will tell you about them ... Happened since my return.

-i didn't know that will be so funny- said angewomon - we should do this more often. I figure how many things else we could do.

- yeah- kari was enthusiasmed - you should join us with yolei , sora and i when we are doing someshopping at the malls, for example.

- look kari!- tk said- greymon, xv-mon , submarimon and garurumon want to join us!

-and they can't wait to arrive

-where is the enemy?-demanded davis

Tk and kari looked the boys very surprised

-what enemy?

-the enemy that angemon and angewomon were supposed to fight!

Angemon and angewomon were carrying a lot of fishes and looked at their partners interrogatives.

- you must be wrong, there is no enemy round here- said angemon

-why did you both showed up? - asked cody

Tk and kari laughted while tai, matt , cody and davis were looking at them astonished. Greymon and garurumon laughted too.


-those fishes were absolute delicious.- said agumon while he was lying on the sand- i can't eat any more.

-so can't i- gabumon was completely satisfied.

-it is mine!- said yolei

-no, mine- said davis.

Those two were quarreling to pick the last piece of fish. They had big stmomachs.

-i am a lady so it shouldbe for me!

-no way! - davis wasn't to let her win- ladies aren't supposed to eat like cosacs.

-and you aren't a gentleman!

And they continued.

Gatomon still was remebering the last episode.- you guys are becoming paranoics . Because patamon and i become our superior digievolution you have to assume we are going to fight.

- ah ha! V-mon was still embarased. How he really envies patamon when he becomes angemon. He wished someday ... No it was completely impossible.

-but it was nice of you two-said cody to kari- to give your angels an opportunity to enjoy the delicious things of life.

-sure they deserve. By the way , matt , do you want me to digivolve into garurumon again and go for a ride ?

-it is a good idea, let go and ask tk to come with us. - matt stood up and went where was tk .

-what about us kari? - began to say davis- want to walk to ...

-thanks- she cut him - but i will go with yolei .

-well there isn't a reason i can't go with you two.

-yes there is. We are going to have a girl to girl very serious conversation and we don't want any boy spoiling around us.

- said an enthusiasmed yolei. - come on kari , lets go!

-sorry. Men are not included. Bye!matt found tk writting something in a book... No he was drawing?

-hey litle brother! What are you doing?

Tk stopped his activity and closed hus art book.

-nothing at all , matt.

- i see that patamon felt asleep.- began to say matt and then he took the book from tk's hands before he could do anything.

-i wan to see your drawings!- said matt with a triumphant smile- hey ! They are very good! He passed the pages and looked.

- you mada some pictures about me and gabumon ... And i like them. You are an artist little brother!

-hey give me that!

-not yet... And this one it was what you were doing rightnow, angemon and angewomon llok pretty real and those fishes in their arms ... It is very funny!

-i wan t to see them - said gabumon- hey, those drawings are wonderful. You should expose them in a gallery or something like that.

Tk was embarassed.

-have you ever tried to do a painting? - asked matt admired

-yes, once. Remember the picture i gave sora for her birthday? I was the author.

-you did that wonderful marine?- matt really was impressed. How many abilities does tk has and never showed to anybody? Heis brother has the soul of an artist.


-you should had told us, you needn't had to sign like an annonymus. She loved that picture, in fact she wants more pictures of the artist. You should expose..!

Then matt passed to the first page. And didn't recognized the girl's retrait. She was blonde , blue eyed , warm smile and...

Was wearing tk's hat!

-who is she?

-someone i ve met in the past , she gave me this hat . She will always occupy a place in my heart.

-she isbeautiful.. Was your first love?

-something like that. But very plathonic.

Tk took his bookand put it in his bag.

-let go on a ride with garurumon. - said matt - are you coming?


Gabumon digivolvrd and both blon boys went over the wolf and dissapeared . Davis , who was hiden behind a rock showed up .and went where it was tk's bag.

-wow! - davis was happy- look at that precious girl. So that is tk's girlfriend!

-but davis , it isn't correctto touch tk's things.- v-mon protested

-i don't care. Jun always do that with my things. An the important thing is that tk is off the race ... And kari will be mine!mine!

Kari and yolei returned fromthe walk and were playing darts with izzy , tai and cody. The digimons passed , they didn't understood the game.

-hey guys!- said davis in a loud voice- can you all figurate that tk has a girl friend?


-you can't be serious, davis. Where did you get that?

-here!- he showed everybody tk's book and the others could see the annonymous girl .

-that isn't a prove!- protested yolei

-and why both of them are wearing the sametype of hat? I heard tk saying to matt that that girl once gave him that hat. And she will always occupy a place in his heart

Kari went pale and.. Run away.

-you insensible brat!- yolei gave davis a certain punch in his stomach- how you dare to be so cruel?!

-but those things are better to be told earlir.

-but have you ever asked kari about her true feelings? No , you didn't , because you were always very busy teeling to the hole world that kari was your "girl"- tai was furious too. He ran after his siter.

-you are such a stupid, motomiya- declared izzy- and who gave you the right to toch tk's private things?

Now davis was arrepented.

Much later...

When tk and matt were back the atmosphere was tense. Everybody looked at tk, kari seemed to be crying moments before. Matt and tk looked both to each other intrigued.

-what's going on, people?- asked gabumon

-has someone died?- matt tried to be funny.

Yolei was direct.

-who is she- showing his book.

-what the..?! Who has taken my book?- tk was upset.

-davis. But please, we want to know. Who is this blonde girl. Is she really your girl friend?

-no. She is ... What the hell . I'll will tell you my experience . The next night we have returned from the digiworld i was dreaming with the piedmon's episode. Me and kari were falling , but while iwas falling i dreamed that a golden light appeared from somewere in the sky and envolved me. When i opened my eyes i found myself at her arms , i was eight years old and she was thirteen or fourteen that time.

Kari felt that her heart was warming itself. So she isn't his girlfriend.

-what a dream!- said cody

- and a great angel was holdingher at the same time , then he went on fighting against piedmon, and defeated him by using a golden sword. It was fantasthic. She looked at me and i looked at her . She was wearing green and yellow clothes and the hat. She said that that was the way her clothes were configurated in the digital world ... And while she was speaking i couldn't ever more than admirate her. Her name was nova ... And i remember very few things. The next thing i remember was that we 3 were in front of my house's door. She was standing in front of me and the angel... Was some metres behind her. She smiled at me at once and suddenly , she hugged me. She said:"thanks" and tookher hat off." it belonged to my older brother, it is my most preciate thing but i want you to keep it . It will look better over your head." then she went where the angel was standing and both of them vanished in the air.

-what a beautiful dream!- yolei said- how doesit ends.?

-the most incredible thing was that i realized i wasn't asleep ... That in fact that was real! And the next mornig mommy asked me where did i get that hat. She never believed me.

-well, you have a great imagination. But what the hell- tai said- davis is a lier.

-when i grew up i decided to be like her , because she is so brave and... Told me that she was a guardian. So i decided to become a guardian too, to protect peoples' lifes and do always the best.

The others understood , and when sun dissapeared decided to return to the real world. Tk took kari away from the others for a while.

-nova gave me a sweet memory , but my sweetest memories are those moments i spend with you.


He opened his book and showed kari a picture about them with the angels holding the fishes.

-and this one it is one of the most preciate moments we have spent together , that i want to imortalize.

Kari smiled warmlly, and kissed Tk in his cheek.

-now, I really know.