The First Day For Everything

A Takari Valentine’s Day

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon at all, I am just a mere, simple Takari fan.

TK Takaishi sat on his bed on Valentine’s Day and thought about a special someone. The “special someone,” had beautiful brown hair, and crimson-brown eyes. There were rose petals all over his bedroom. “She loves me not… too busy to love me,” he looked for another rose to shred, “She loves me not, she loves me not, she loves me not! NOW I NEED MORE PETALS!!!” TK was miserable. M-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e miserable. His dream girl (Guess who?!) didn’t like him, or so he thought…

------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

In another place, Kari Kamiya also sat on her bed, thinking about a blonde boy that she knew. “He’s sooooo cute. But, he doesn’t like me… he probably just wants us to be friends. Oh, well. I’ll call him.” She scurried to the phone and dialed TK Takaishi’s phone number. She knew it by heart.

--------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------

“Hello. Takaishi residence, TK speaking.” TK said, as he picked up the phone.

“Hey. It’s me,” Kari said at the other end of the conversation, “I just wanted to know if you wanted to come to the park with Patamon, and get some fresh air. I’m so bored.”

TK’s eyes grew big. And he answered, “Sure Kari, let me just get Patamon. Meet you there!” TK hung up the phone, and slipped into some khaki cargo shorts, and his favorite green T-Shirt, “Patamon, wake up little guy! We’re gonna go see Gatomon and Kari.”

“I didn’t do it!!! AAAAAAH!!!” Patamon screamed as he woke up, “Golly! Sorry TK, I was dreaming again. WHEW!!! That was a close one…”

“Did you hear me, Patamon?’’ TK asked his favorite Digimon in the whole world, “We’re gonna go see Kari and Gatomon at the park.” Patamon’s eyes grew big, and he looked at TK.

“Why are you so excited, TK?” Patamon asked slyly.

“Ummm…” TK blushed, “Let’s go pal!” he said, as he picked up his backpack, and ran out the door, while Patamon flew behind him.

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

Meanwhile, Gatomon and Kari were waiting at the park by her and TK’s favorite spot. “Do you think he’ll like what I’m wearing, Gatomon? Does this top match these pants? Is it too girly? Well?” Kari asked at Mach 5.

“AAAH! Too many questions, Kari,” Gatomon’s head hurt, “I guess he will, but why do you want to know? Do you like TK or something?’’ Gatomon asked immaturely, splurging a little on her last question.

“Possibly… well I guess, Ummm, well,” Kari managed to stutter. Gatomon gave her one of her looks, and Kari nearly shouted, “YES!!! OKAY? I like him. He’s so sweet, and kind, and generous, and I am so in love…” She gazed at the clouds and smiled and thought of him.

------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------

TK and Patamon were running as fast as they could to the park, as they saw Kari and Gatomon. TK ran behind a large tree, and fixed his hair just the way Kari liked it, and ran straight to her. “Hey Kari! Hey Gatomon!” TK panted.

“Took you long enough,” Kari replied jokingly. She smiled at him, and he smiled back.

“She’s so…’’ TK thought for a minute to find the right word to describe her, “… beautiful.” TK sat down by Kari and Gatomon, while Patamon flew around playing with Gatomon. “So, how about a walk through the park?”

TK asked Kari.

“A walk through the park sounds nice,’’ Kari replied.

They walked through the park, and chatted about the Digiworld, their friends, and their Digimon.

------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

While TK and Kari were talking, their Digimon were doing the same.

“For the past couple of days, TK and Kari have been hanging around a lot, and TK has been blabbering about Kari for a long time,” Patamon said to Gatomon.

“Same with Kari,” Gatomon said, “She just sits on her bed and it looks like she’s in another world. And I think she writes about him in her diary. A LOT.”

“Maybe they’re in love, but they just don’t know it yet,” Patamon thought out loud.

“Kari does like TK, but she doesn’t know that TK likes her, so let’s put them together.”

“Gatomon, you are a genius.” Patamon replied.

-------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

TK and Kari stopped by a pond, and TK said, “Kari, I umm…”

“Yes?’’ Kari replied.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he handed her a small box.

She opened it up and found a necklace with a heart shaped charm that said “Be Mine.” She looked at him and smiled, next thing she knew, they were sitting hand in hand by the pond.

“TK, this is so sweet. I really like you…” she caught herself, “I mean it, the necklace, that you gave me.”

“Kari, I like you too.” He replied.

“Happy Valentine’s Day” she said.

And for the first time, TK and Kari kissed.

--------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

As for our favorite Digimon, they were peeping at them through the bushes.

“Well, I guess there is a first time for everything.” Patamon said.

“Yep.” Gatomon smiled.

And the little Digimon couple walked off, hand in hand. (Or Paw in Paw… whatever. ^-^)