Takari Proof

What can I said about this couple? everything about them is already said. But well as a huge Takari fan I gonna put my point of view about this couple.

1.- Lets start from season 1. Since the little TK met Kari, he showed a real concern for her when she got sick in the digiworld.

Of course that at that age was only in a friendly way but sometimes with the time friendship can change in something more..........

2.- Another significative Takari moment in season 1 was in the episode called "Piedmon's Last Jest" when the little TK promised Sora that he's gonna protect Kari in all moment and it seems that Piedmon knew something about our two little holders of Hope and Light too since when he was about to cut the rope he said "It seems that you're falling for each other" :)

Just look at the pictures, and you gonna see how TK is talking with Sora about protect Kari and how Kari don't let go TK's hand when both were falling after Piedmon cut the rope, and this don't was the last time that TK gonna help Kari and you gonna see that in the next point.


3.- Season 02, episode "His Master's Voice" a great example of the strong feelings between TK and Kari, is just enough see TK searching Kari trough all the school to see that he feels something more than a friendship for her, but lets the images show my point.




I think that the images explain my point perfectly, TK even admitted that he care too much about Kari to let anyone take her without a fight.


4.- The Crests. Hope and Light, two crests that are far diferent to the other crests, we just have to remember Azulongmon's words:


"There is no Hope without light and Light can't shine without Hope" and that is because TK said in the same episode: "The Light inside of our hearts is called Hope.


So just to end this little opinion and proof of Takari here are come screenshots with Takari moments:



Evidence by Angel81


Episode 07 guardian angel......when Kari didn't make it in time to go throgh the portal.....davis gave TK all the blame since he went before Kari and didn't watch out for her enough.....and of course TK agrees on it because he cares so much about her.


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