Promisse of the future


Two souls sharing the same body ;

Present and Future .

How Future will be and what it will bring?

Only God knows , but there will be a promisse of an extraordinary gift.

A sweet promisse of the future is waiting for you.




Malomyotismon had been defeated. It was thanks the light of hope from the
kids of the entire world, and from those kids who were once in the darkness, being manipulated by the reperesentatives of the darkness.
It was the same light who iluminated the hope that truly have never died
and made those kids believe, for the first time, in their dreams. The guardian spirits of the digital world recompensed those kids by giving them their own digimon partner.

But they werent the only ones who had awakened up to the light of hope. The
man, who once tried to make true his dream to visit the digital world, who had originated the disaster because he wanted
to visit the digiworld by the wrong way it was mister oikawa.

Once he was free from the darkness influence he could look, through his own eyes the disaster that his madness caused to the world he wanted to join.

He began to cry. He cried because cody had forsaken him and his sins. He even cried louder because the guardian spirits ofthe digital world had forsaken him by granting one of his deepest dreams by making appear in front of him his own greened digimon partner. The guardian spirits werent mad at him.

His wishes finally were granted, but his lifes cycle was destined to finish in that moment. He knew he was dying from a moment to another his body was going to dissappear forever. He looked to all the kids, but especially to one of them.

For a few moments he stared at the kid who originally tried to domain, but circunstances never allowed him to have any chance to do it. Light forces had always protected the blond kid from harm and danger. So he had chosen ken ichijouji as his next target, and succeded.

He stared at the kid at his eyes and, in a few seconds, he could see a golden light emanating from his very deep being. The childs eyes were staring at him peacefully and compasives and oikawa could understand that that kid was less than ordinary.

He was too different from the others. And for the first time could notice the reason of that difference from the others because he could notice that in that human body was hidding the heart of an angel. And was hidding the supreme power of the angels.

He could feel that force and was astonished. That child he wished to posses that power and for the first time he felt admired to that strenght. The child moved affirmately his head. He was answering the silent question that oikawa formuled to him.

So oikawa chose to turn himself into light. And with that light restored the digiworld into its primitive form. Thanks to oikawa the balance between the two worlds was straight again.while he was dying he could notice what kind of being was certainly this kid.

This child was a supreme guardian. A judge. An angel. And hefinally rested in peace.

Restored the digital world, children and digimons hugged themselves and began to sing and dance of happiness and everybody wanted to comment their own experiences to the other children it was really a great party.

But in the middle of that rejoicementnobody noticed that one of them was going out from the party.

It was the chosen kid that previous moments had stared before.

The child had looked, casually, to a certain place on the top of a monticle and saw a beautifull girl standing ther. And she was emanating a beautiful silver light.

Nobody except him have noticed her presence, but felt that she was calling him. It was strange , but a deep calm emerged in his heart and he felt that he had to go. It was different of hikaris experience , instead of the darkness it were the light forces who were calling for him.

The call from the light.

Nobody had noticed he was leaving. Neither his digimon partner. When he arrived where the young lady was standing, she smiled at him warmly. And he could feel the four guardian gods energies towards hers.

She extended her hand and he took it. Together they had just vanished in the air so soundless as the way she had arrived before.

When the others, finally, noticed his absence felt worried. So they decided to search him, something bad might had occurred him

But mr gennai stopped them.

-dont worry, he is fine. He will return.

-why?-cried an unconsolable hikari why did he leave us? Was he angry?

-i cant believe this.-protested yamatto- this isnt his way to act. It is
not true!

-he will be back- continued mr gennai- but i cannot tell you where did he go. I can only assure to all of you that he has a mission. A different from all you had through all your adventures. This one is personal. But, please, believe in him.

None of the digistined could get more answers and kept looking for their friend.

But takeru takaishi didnt appeared until three days later.


Patamon's thoughts

I know, i am not blin. Tk has changed so much since he has returned back from ... I don't know where he had been those 3 days of absolute absence.

My god... I though so many things that could had happened to him ... But he returned with a smile in his face , like nothing happened. He is keeping a great secret.

Yes , he is still the child of hope ... But i feel that he is something else.
I feel that he changed for better , he emanates something that make his presence almost ... Celestial, reminding me of ...angemon?
Takeru never wanted to tell to the rest what did he do during those days , neither where he was . Matt and davis insisted more than the others , but tk had his mind up.

Even kari was unable to make him speak.

Tk admitted gennai's words. He said that he was needed , but the mission he was called to fullfill was over. He did'nt want to tell us because he said it was too incredible to be believed , but someday maybe he will.

Davis was furious and one day he pushed tk to a wall , before they entered to school.

-confess , takaishi. I am sick of secrets.

Tk didn{t immute himself.

-i'm sorry . But i can't. No one of the group is prepared to know what i was forced to learn , it was a lesson for me. Only for me. It is a wonderful and terrible truth that is linked to my own path. And whatever , i have very few memories about these days. I told you.

Tk was calm . And that made davis feel more furious than before.

And tried to hit him with all his forces.

-davis no!!- cried kari

-davis!- v -mon tried to do something

-you bastard!!!

But tk wasn't the tk of the past. His abilities were increased in a 200%.

Davis found his hand immovilized by tk's one in the air . Everybody was surprised. Yolei and kari were astonished , cody was fascinated.

-when tk became so strong?- asked the younger boy.

I was astonished too, i could see very clearly one of his changes.

-i'm sorry davis . I can understand your reaction ...maybe , because what i made you pass on ... You were worried about me and i still close my lips... Call me what you want . But i kept a promisse and i won't fail that. Hit me again , this time i won't stop you , i hope that makes you feel better.

-don't fight please- cried kari- violence isn't the answer.

Tk smiled sweetly to everyone , he didn't seemed worried about himself . He said that everything was right.

Davis began to move.

But instead of trying to punch at tk he hugged the blond boy and began to cry.

Davis never cry. Even because of kari.

I realized that tk could make miracles.

And the rest of the team hugged tk too . And this time tk was surprised. He realized how much he was loved by everyone.

With this episode winter was over.

Springtime came , and the hopes of everybody were borned again. The season was beggining and now , my child was at 6th grade school. The changes were very evident , tk , every day it passes looks more and more cute , his presence was more masculine and gallant and everymorning he opened his locker it was filled with a lot of love letters . Every girl of the school wanted to be his girlfriend.

His abbility in sports was increased , and at the basketball time he looked like michael jordan. Davis still never wasn't able to beat him . Once he invited tk to play soccer against him with the truly conviction that he wouldn'be good at this sport, davis was the team star.

Tk beaten him , looked like a real pele. That victory made davis suspect that tk might be a digimon kaiser... Like ken ichijouji's episode.

He was completely wrong.

-no .-kari said after she hit his cheek- i don't sense any darkness in his soul. He is pure light , and we often go to the digiworld and there is peace there. How you dare to say that horrible thing?

Davis had to appologize .
One day , during lunch time tk didn't show himself at the computer room. The others waited and waited.

- where is tk?-asked kari

-i don't know- i answered - i thought he left the classrrom .

-maybe he has forgotten something and went back- cody was almost sure.

-meah... Maybe he is at detention - affirmated davis yawning.

-we are not talking about you davis- said kariand the rest , except davis laughted with that comment.

-i'm hungry- cody's digimon said- can we eat now?

-i'm hungry too. Let begin to eat . I think tk isn't going to come-davis didn' t want tk coming , he wanted to have kari all for himself.

-you can eat- said kari , once- patamon, gatomon and i will look for tk.

I agreeded.

But davis no.

-i'll go with you kari, we...

-there's no need , thanks. You are too hungry and i don't want to feel guilt because you still don't eat because of me. I can behave well myself.

And before davis could argue she went to the door and said goodbye.gatomon and i followed her smilling.we needn't too move our heads back to see davi's frustration. We could figure it in cinemascope.

Moments later...

-gatomon and i are going to the east side ,you go to the west side then.- kary suggested after some minutes of walking.

-sure-i said, and flew away.

While i was flying a memory came to my mind. It was a chat i had with gatomon , some weeks before at the yagami's house. Kari was looking for some drinks , tai was in a date and tk was worfing in the computer. He and kari were working together in a report , school homework.

- kari told me the last day she doesn{t know how to make davis understand that he hasn't any chance with her.- gatomon began to say

-she could directly tell him that she doesnr>
-she doesn't want to hurt his feelings, he is too sensible.

-well , tk often says that if you keep a person ilussionated wwith something that will never happen is a way of perversy.

Kari should realize that is cruel to make davis feel jealous , especially when she doesn't love him.

-tk thinks kari is cruel?

-no, only immature from her. Maybe that's why he still didn't declare to her yet.

Gatomon thought that for a moment.

-maybe you are right. I 'll talk to her about that. Do you know something,
patamon? I wish that someday our partners will fall in love one to each others and get married. Isn't that a beautiful perspective?

- of course i do! I think they are soulmates. But nowadays davis is spoiling everything . He envies so much tk... Remember that occasion when he tried to make v-mon digivolvre into a " ultra angemon"?

-they made the ridiculous , how embarassing!- my friend laughted - v-mon will never be angemon. Only you and i are configurated to be angels.

-tk thinks thatr kari loves davis.

-i don't know where did he get that impression but we'll have to do something. Right patamon?

-i don't have much idea what is really love, i am not cupid. And tk really doesn't want any troubles with their friends.

-if we enmend this missunderstanding perhaps... The dreamed marriage will come.

I hope so, but.. Who knows what future depare us?

-gatomon, patamon what are you talking about- we heard kari's voice- don't you want to drink some lemmonade?

A sweet melody interruped my thougts . Somebody was playing the violin near from wherever i was. I realized that i was in front of the music classroom.

I recognized the symphony that was being played. It was the allegro(cacchia) , autumn in f majeur, vivaldi.

Tk , once , transmitted me his love to classical music. And that sounded so beautiful that i decided to enter to the room to hear in a better way.

I felt shocked when i realized who was playing the!!!!!!!!!

When tk have learned to play the violin?!

And he was extraordinary.

Then he played winter in f minor. He was so concentrated that he didn't noticed that i was there. I began to dance , i feltnso happy ... And while i was dancing i still was looking at my partner. I saw the rel tk.. Majestuous, he reminded , i don't know why , the sir galahad of king arthur's knights order when he brought up the holly grail... What i was thinking? But then...for a few seconds i swear i could see my angellic faces around tk!angemon, magna angemon and seraphimon... What they were doing there?

Then i saw clearly how a beautiful golden light emanated from tk's aura and...everything dissappeared.

Maybe i was dreaming after all...

I opened my eyes and i found myself in the digiworld?! And i wasn't patamon anymore. I was ... Angemon.

I couldn't remeber how did i arrived there or when did i digivolved... And i ...felt strange. When patamon digivolves his mind conscience goes to sleep while angemon's one comes to stage. But now i was both of them ... We were deffinitively one being , one soul.

-tk?- i wanted to talk to him , i needed answers. But nobody answered.-tk? Where are you?

Absolute silence in the woods.

So i used my wings and flew to the sky , maybe in that way i could find my partner. From the sky i could see i was near to the begining city and when my eyes posed there i could see a bond boy... Maybe he was tk!

In a few seconds i was standing next to the child ... But he wasn't tk.

-tk... No ...sorry i..

The boy smiled me . He looked very much like tk , he was wearing green clothes , white hat and was blond and had blue eyes. His hair was a bit longer.

- you were looking at someone else, i can see.- said the child , he seemed to have the same age as tk.

-i'm sorry, i missunderstood. I thought you were muy human partner.

You ... Were you present the day malomyotismon was defeated?- maybe he was another digistined. sister and i never were there. I heard it was a great battle.

-so at that time you weren't chosen kids yet.

The child didn't say anything for a while.

-well, i can assure you that we don't need a digivice to enter to this world.and ... Do you want to meet my sister , she is little sister.

-sure , it will be a pleasure for me.

-so wait here , she is helping elecmon with the babies .

He went out and i sat on the ground. I found myself smilling like a fool.that kid was adorable...maybe was tk's cousin or something like that.

When he came back he did it with a beautiful browned hair girl ...she reminded me of kari when she was 8 years old.

-please- she said- stay and play with us until mommy comes to pick us.


-the person you are looking for will return soon, i am sure about that. There is no danger near this place. Please , play with us- asked me the boy with a warm voice.

How could i refuse that?

So i stayed with them. And i never felt so happy , it was incerdible for me. It was the first time that i , as angemon , was playing with children .maybe i should have dreams like that more often.

The digimon babies joined us and i felt that were hours that we were keep playing on.

Then i took the kids to a flight , they enjoyed that so much that they were dissapointed when the boyasked me to return to the ground.

-mom will arrive in a moment .

So i took the children down. Elecmon was waiting for us.

- so you finally arrived , hey kids. Look who is waiting for you.

The children ran up where a femenin silouette was standing next to a cube wall.

-mommy, mommy!
I wanted to see her face , but the sun was behind her and i couldn't focuse . The sun was too strong and...

The last thing i remember was that i was on tk's arms.

-nice dream?

-what...? How...

-what a shame from you , patamon- i heard gatomon's voice. We were at the computer room and ...

-he is still asleep the pooor thing- kari said- but don't worry, tk has some food left for you. And i have some biscuits for you, i wouldn't let davis eat them all.- she smiled

- but tk , weren't you playing the violin and..?

-tk playing the violin?.-davis laughted- come on , you are in the real world now. What kind of dream did you have?

Tk and kari smiled at me.

Hours passed and on the way back to tk's house....

- it wasn't a dream patamon- he suddenly said.

I couldn't talk because of the shock.

- i was playing the violin patamon , but i can tell you that i am the human incarnation of an ... Angel. I discovered that those days...and that's why i don't want to tell the others. It is too complicated. I can tell you while you were sleeping you had an encounter with the future.
-i met your children, so

-no. You have met your future children. Your daughter and your son.


-someday you will maturate , and when that happens you wont need me to transform yourself into angemon. Because you will be completely angemon. And you won't be a digimon anumore... You will be half human , half angel because it is your true nature.

I couldn't believe that.

- that humanity is agift i'll give you someday ... When i will have to leave to fullfill my own destiny. To reassume my true form ... To return to my place in heaven . That day , our paths will be separated. But that day is still very far. You will form your own family and you will be very happy for the eternity.

Then he said no more.

I didn't know if i was able to believe that . But days passed and knew that tk was telling the truth. Those kids knew me too well. I felt some kind of familiarity and happiness being with them.

I felt sad because one day tk wont need me anymore ... But he would give me something valious... Humanity. Someday i will have a family ... And i will be very happy because of that precious miracle.

I would love a woman and will give life by bearing beautiful children to this world.

I ' ll always apreciate tk's promisse of the future.