Note: this is a fic which continues Miraculous Digievolution. Is centered in Patamon and I must warn you that it might be the silliest fic that you have ever read.
is another pre Destiny and Justice fic and I wish you'll laught as much as I did while writting this story.


Patamon's Dreams : Patamon and the Angels

Patamon really changed a lot since Tk and he moved to England a few months ago , Tk was trying to adaptate himself to his new life , now was making new friends and Patamon would recognize that his friend was growing up very fast.
Tk was happy despite he missed Kari a lot , but thanks God Tk was acting like a normal guy . Tk never mentioned the incident occurred with Blackwargreymon , even the miraculous digievolution and especially the suspiciosu of him being a supposed angel. Tk was firmly determined to be just Tk .

Now Tk was making new friends , and especially he joined himself to a group of british digidestinated that own the same type of digive as Tk's, cyrcular. Logan and Elizabeth Montgomery , Steve Worthington were his actual best friends. They called themselves Tamers and invited Tk to become one .

So Tk accepted and Patamon met the british digimons too. Elizabeth Montgomery is a bluehaired beautiful girl , 16 years old with a very charming blue eyes too and long legs . She has a Gabumon as her digital partner and Patamon made friends with that gabumon , Logan Montgomery is 16 too and was Elizabeth's twin brother. He has a Mihiramon as his partner, very feral so Logan mmostly keeps his "pet" in the Digital World and because Mihir hates London. But Steve Worthington doesn't have a digimon of his own...he is his own digimon. Patamon still cannot explain himself why Steve Worthington could transform himself into Piddomon , a pink version of Angemon , neither Tk can understand that phenomeno.

But now , Patamon was too sleepy to keep thinking about the new life in Ingland, now Tk and his friends were in a bus , becuase they were going to spend the week end in Elizabeth and Logan's unlce's house in the Highlands , Scotland.
Elizabeth and Logan were scottsih peoplea and very proud to belong to the ancestral Montgomery clan. Elizabth was decided to make her friends wear that weekend the typical scottish tartan.

Steve and Tk weren't very happy with that new, Elizabth was very much like Matt , she posseses a very strong mind and nobody can make her loose that. Tk had to face the idea of the cold he would spend , especially in his legs . It wasn't the first time that Elizabeth made him wear those strange clothes, Elizabeth also took some picures of the gang wearing the scottish traditional costume and when Kari received that pictures she emailed him, after laughing some time, and she said that Tk looked very cute with the costume. Davis wasn't so comprehensive. He said that Tk wearing the kilt remained him of Jun. The rest of the japanese gang laughted too .

But Tk liked the kilt , Patamon knew that. Tk was really becoming a british guy.

While Patamon was closing his eyes , getting asleep over Tk's lap, the last thing that the little Patamon rememberd was trying to pay attention to Elizabeth and her gabumon . The gang were sitting in the last seats of the bus and the girl brought some cards because she wanted to play some Poker , Tk , Logan and Steve accepted. But Gabumon refussed to play, he hated poker, especially because Elizabeth was unbeatable. He wasn't going to pay another pound . He was trying to earn some money because he wanted to fullfill his dream of buying someday a Ferrari . He was a fan of Ferraris since the first time he saw a Formula1 race, Logan , inherited a Ferrari Testarossa one from his grandfather and would never lend it to a digimon. The car is priceless and Logan never trusted that a gabumon would be a good driver.

Patamon yawned when Elizabeth gave Tk and the others the cards and began the first game.

-And of course , the loosers will have to pay , cash, euros or pounds- announced her and Steve and Logan looked at Elizabeth suspiciously. Elizabeth was an expert, she was able to win many hands against the best players from Las Vegas. Steve and Logan were good players but Elizabeth was tremendous.

-why don't you take my money ? - said logan- it will be painless for me.

-mmmhh- Elizabeth Laughted- maybe I should reclaim a trip on your Ferrari .

-No wonder! My Ferrari is sacred!-

Tk laughted too.

-For god sake! she's your sister. yOU SHOULD LEND HER THE CAR.

-When pigs fly-

Patamon heard nothing else , he was the happiest digimon of the world when he's asleep and now he really enjoyed his dreams.
Since the blackwargreymon incident he happened to change his own life too , since the miraculous digievolution he , in dreams passed to meet his alter egos: Angemon , Magna Angemon and Seraphimon.

And the four became friends.

And every time that patamon goes to the land of the dreams he always visit the Angels . This time he went to a great PaLACE MADE OF BLUE CRYSTALS.

" -hello patamon!- said angemon with a great smile while the little one was entering to the palace through a window.

-hello angemon!- said Patamon- wow, never saw this before. Who's the owner of such great palace?

-I am the owner- that was Seraphimon.

The three angels were the future versions of PATAMON ,mostly they use to sleep inside Patamon's heart .But now they were curious , because they wanted to know everything about Patamon's life, Patamon was the only who was enjoying the delicious things of life and sharing them with Tk. Patamon could so the rutinary things, eat , spend good moments with his partner, meet interesting people ...patamon was an afortunated little guy. Angemon , Magna Angemon and Seraphimon sometimes were bored to be called only to fight against enemies, they wished to become more present in Tk's life.

-I love this place- commented Patamon- Seraphimon , you are really lucky.

-Well , in fact, in the real Digital World this palace exists, it will be yours when you''l be someday me. But this is still a very far Future.

Patamon blushed.

-Yeah... I hope I'll have enoygh money , it will cost me a fortune hire servants, this place is huge! Tell me if someday I''l win the lottery.

The angels began to laugh noisily.

-Maybe Angewomon will give you a hand.

-Ya- Magna Angemon said , still laughing- Don't worry about that. We are the ones who think that you are the lucky guy. You can spend the most interesting moments with Tk , you can live a routinary life , go to nice places , play ... we are only called just to fight against evil digimons...and it is not fair .

-well- gasped Patamon- Tk many times conoques Angemon's presence for funny things.

-what?!- protested Seraphimon and Magna Angemon and looked at Angemon who pretended not heard that. -Angemon!!! why didn't you tell us?!!

Angemon smiled a bit and explained that Tk sometimes call him because Angemon is the nearest type of family for him , Angemon is like a father for Tk - and we talk very much , like a father to a son .

-Not fair Patamon !- yelled Seraphimon- I could be like Tk's father too !

-WELL- answered Patamon - Tk also introduced Angemon to his new friends. The other day the gang took Angemon to a theatre and assisted to "Othelo"

-What?!- Magan Angemon gasped.- and why on Earth didn't you mention that Angemon?!

Angemon didn't reply.

-I can only say that I enjoyed the theatre , but I wento there with a tuxedo , and without wings and helmet.

But Patamon smiled a bit more...

-But Angemon didn't go only to the theatre - Patamon also knew something else that Magna Angemon and Seraphimon ignored.
And he wouldn't keep the secret any longer.
-Hey people- contiinued Patamon with an inocent smile- you wouldn't figure where Tk and his freinds took Angemon the other week.
Angemon didn't get the idea until it was too late.
-well, I must say that it was Elizabeth's idea , she took Angemon to an auction of single men.
-What?!!- Magna Angemon and Seraphimon almost screamed.
-Yeah , and it was a tremendous success. Every single woman bid up for Angemon and thanks to Angemon the Institute of Terminal patients of Cancer earned more than 150000 pounds .- Patamon ended with a smile.
An gemon blushed and the other angels , while hearing this began to laught more and more , they should had been there.
Angemon in an auction , this is memorable.
But for Angemon that wasn't very funny , he was scared after seeing so many women falling in love because of him, and looked like wolves because they almost fought for keeping him,.
He would never do that again.

-And finally , who won the First Prize?- asked Seraphimon still laughting
Angemon refused to speak. He was too embarrassed.
-Elizabeth- anounced Patamon - even she 's a teenager she knew that she wanted to keep a date with the most popular angel of all times.
Angemon didn't want to revive the moment that he had to date Elizabeth , he remebered too well how the lady took him mto have an extravgant dinner at the center of London , and dragged him by all the discotheques of the city during all the night and the effect with women outside the auction was the same: every single woman fell instantly in love with him
When the sun came anouncing the new day Angemon had in his hands more than 200 telephone numbers.
But despitre of all this he had to admit to himself that he really enjoyed those moments and he promissed to Elizabeth that he would date her again if she promissed him not to try to kiss him again.
Once upon the time , Tk predicted that Angemon would be human someday , and he would find his love , but he knew that his future wife wouldn't be Elizabeth. ( wroten in the fic "promisse of the future")
-Women are terrible- sentenced Angemon once the other angels and Patamon stopped laughting - thanks God that Angewomon isn't like the other women , she'll never be obsessed by these things such as Love or something like that.
-For the moment- continued Magna Angemon - at the present she's colder than the three of us together.

Seraphimon changed the theme of conversation .
-Patamon , because you are asleep , what do you think that Tk and his friends are planning to do?
-Right now we are all in a bus going to Edimburg , Elizabeth and Logan invited us to spoend the weekend in Scotland and insited to introduce us to their family.
-you hate long trips- Seraphimon saw how Patamon , even in his dreams , when someone speaks about long journeys the little digimon always yawnes itself without noticing.

The angels and the little Patamon then spent the next hours chatting about many things , mostly funny things. Patamon liked the jokes as much as the angels do but then finally Patamon felt that something invisible was shaking him .
-Sorry pals- apologized the little monster- Tk is calling me back , we must had arrived so I must go.

The angels felt a bit of envy because Patamon always shared the best moments with Tk.
-Until the next Patamon , and ..wouldn't you mind if you tell Tk that we want to spend more time in the real world ? It is quite boring around here.
-I will! -promissed Patamon and said goodbye to his alter egos.

And he returned to the real world.
-Patamon! wake up! we had just arrived.
Patamon was very excited , a delicious weekend outside the city was waiting for them.
-Ahhhh..I am hungry Tk, what are we going to eat?
But Elizbeth , who had just convinced her brother Logan and his friend Steve of carrying her package spoke instead of Tk.
-Here in Scotland we use to eat Parritch - and she smiled to Patamon , she knew that the little Patamon hated that dish. It consisted of oats.

Patamon felt sick , he would never be used to eat that thing. He hated oats , no wonder that Elizabeth keeps saying that most of the proud highlanders use to eat that and become so strong.
-We have a plenty here in my uncles' house , my Aun Agatha must be waitng for us with her special parrtich , you'll never taste anything else in any place.
Tk laughted when he saw Patamon's worried face .
-Come on Pata! is healthy food , and you as Angemon you need to maintain your force. If I keep feeding you with hamburguers Angemon will look like a sumo warrior.
Mentioning Angemon's name made Patamon have an idea.

-Do you know something Tk?- commented Patamon while the troupe was enetring to the huge house - why don't you make the miraculous digievolution and invoque Angemon , Magna Angemon and Seraphimon to this reality instead of me? They told me that it isn't fair that I am the only one who has all the fun.
-If you wish that then is ok for me.
-They'll love Elizabeth's parritch-ended Patamon .
Patamon laughted for himself while Tk was making him digivolve into the specail form and Patamon was going to be safe in the deep of his mind , inside his dreams while the angels...they would have a surprise.

When the angels took their place , Tk friends didn't seem surprised . And Elizabeth arrived where all the men were standinfgg and made everybody , including the angels wear the typical tartan of the Highlands.
Tk and hbis friends didn't protest because they were used to wear this kind of clothes but the angels protested but there was no use, Elizabeth's mind was made up and the trio had to wear the kilt the entire weekend.
Worse than that , Elizabeth was so delighted seeing the three angels wearing the clothes of her family that declared that they looked as the most charming highlanders she had ever seen before.
And the angels also lost playing Poker against her , and the prize: a date with her.
-You are so adorable that I would date you again- she laughted , but the angels nodded their heads negatively.
Elkizabeth was the most scaring person they have ever met in their lives and while they were obligated to be her "dates" they blammed Patamon because they finally npoticed that it was a trap.
And the girl also did what no woman in this world did before: kiss the trio .
-Patamon! you little monster!!you'll pay for this!!!!!!

It passed a long time since Patamon , every time he had to go to sleep , faced the angels. Until now , he avoided the palace and the angels , the three angels are still looking for him and he knows that. He feared the revengfe they weould take against him especially because Elizabeth did the last thing: because none of the three angels wanted to become her fiancee he published throught the internet some pictures of the angels wearing the kilts.
She earned about 200000 pounds and was very satisfied but also sent the pictures to a virtual single men auction ...and the angels still ignore that they were compromissed to date three of the richest women of the world included the Queen.
poor angels . Life is really unfair.
the end.