PataGato Proof


PataGato..... one of my most favorite couples besides Takari. There is a really few sites dedicated to this couple my favorite is Takari's Castle, that site is totally dedicated to Takari and PataGato.


But lets enter in the main purpose of this section which is the proof  of PataGato. Let's return to season 1, both digimon had experienced hard moments which they eventually overcome, Patamon had the trouble that he wanted digivolve to help TK more but he couldn't do it until he saw TK about to be killed by Devimon and that was the spark that fueled his evoulution to Angemon:



Gatomon experienced worse things than Patamon, she was separated from the other 7 digimon when she still was in her digiegg, and she ended in Myotismon's hands as his second in command, but that don't came alone, she had to tolerate severe tortures courtesy of Myotismon who beated her since she was still a Salamon that beatings leaved a scar in her left paw in her Gatomon form:



I know that maybe you are wondering what have all this to do with a proof of PataGato and my answer is simple: both angels had a more harder start than any of the other digimon so both in a sort of way can understand the other very well and I think that this is one of the reasons why they are too close in season 2:



But there is a big and cute moment between them in season 1 too, is during the DarkMasters saga and is after WarGreymon destroyed Machinedramon:



Just look how comfy are Angewomon under Angemon's arm which is around her shoulder, and that take us to another important proof about that they are meant to be, their angel forms; Angemon and Angewomon, and taking the words of my friend Holly Ayhe aka AK, these two powerful angels appeared for the first time in the same circumstances but in diferent moments, both of them always stay side by side during the battles, both of them released a digimental in the movie to help Veemon and Terriermon in the fight against Willis' corrupted Lopmon.



Another important point and proof of PataGato (at least in my opinion) are their armor forms, Nefertimon and Pegasusmon, for starters they share a combined attack which is the Golden Noose, also their armor digieggs were resting in the same cave.



Well to end with this I'm gonna resume my opinion of this couple:


They are mean to be because:


1.- Both have Angel forms

2.- Both share a combined attack in their Armor forms

3.- They care for each other (watch his master's voice episode to understand this point)

4.- Their crests are linked

5.- They look Kawaii together ^_^


Okay don't mind to much the point 5 that was only a personal opinion, now to end this section for now, here are some PataGato screenshots:



If you have a opinion about PataGato that you want to share you can send it to and I'll be glad to post it here