04/07/10: It's Alive!!.


*With a cientist lab coat and laughing like a maniac* It's Alive! It's Alive! The site it's alive!! Mwahahahahaha!!

*Sweatdrops* O_OU

Err sorry about that ^^U *he clears his throat while fixing his lab coat and then smiles* Anyhow Welcome again to another update of your favorite website dedicated to Takari and PataGato ^^

Tonight we have a nice update since we have 2 new faces joining us with their works *audience cheers*

That's great! So what do we have today for our loyal fans?

Yeah tell us LP

Well, today two good friends of mine debut in this site. First is my friend QueenGatomon who submitted her Fic The Power of The Crests. You have to read it, it is really good ^^

And on the Fanart side we have my friend BagiraXIII who also writes fics in fanfiction.net under the same nickname, but for the site he submitted 5 beautiful fanarts. 4 are Takari and one is PataGato, you have to see them. They're really good! ^^

Also as a side announcement, I'm wiping all the questions on the Q&A section since they have bashing on characters, not to mention they're so old, almost seven years old. You can still send your question but this time won't be anything bashed related. ^^

That sounds good LP, fresh start for the section ^^

Yeah, a nice clean start ^^

Yeah, well that's all for now, I'll be making few changes on the site, nothing big just replacing a few fanarts under request but just changing them for versions corrected. So see ya in the next update and again sorry for the long time without updates ^^U

See ya!!


18/09/07: A Small update.


Heya, LP here with a small update, we have a new artist with us, she is AngelGatomon's sister and her name is Lady Hikari, she brings us 4 cute fanarts, check them out ^_^


That's all for now, see ya on the next update folks ^_^


05/09/07: *Sweatdrops* Err.... Big Update? ^_^;


Heya, LP here.... almost 8 months later hehe ^_^;;


*snuggled on Patamon while sleeping* Zzzzz..... *wakes up and blinks* Huh? new update? *looks at LP and glares as she crosses her arms* About time, where have you been during almost 8 months??


*smiles nervously* I got really busy with many things to do, plus there was a little downtime a few days ago which I apologize for, but all is back up and running and to celebrate today I'm bringing you a new update which is really big ^_^


*wakes up as well* you said update? about time now tell me how I will explain TK this? *points at a long beard he now has* this is what happens when you wait a lot of time _


*smiles nervously* well I can recommend you a good shaving, there are pretty good barber shops out there though maybe you should search one on the digiworld, I don't think a barber shop here would accept digimon ^_^;;


Anyhow starting with the update give a warm welcome to our new artist AngelGatomon, he brings us 41, yes 41 great fanarts of PataGato, all of them really good, as a little example the new picture of the month was made by him, it is a PataGato version of that scene from the movie Titanic after the ship sunk, a pretty touching and romantic scene ^_^


*With teary eyes* Awww! that's so touching, he is giving his life for me *sniffs*


*hugs Gatomon* so touching indeed ^_^


Yeah, also the webcomic got updated too with 5 new pages check them out, and to finish the update we also got a new author with us, she goes by the name Celestial_Mirror and she brought us a cute Takari fanfic, check it out! ^_^


So much new things this time, thank you very much to you all, and keep sending more fanarts and fanfics ^^


Yeah, all of them are really much appreciated ^_^


Patamon is right so keep sending your works to be posted here, and keep visiting us for more surprise and don't forget to visit the forum ^_^


Yeah, See ya in the next update! ^_^


28/01/07: First update of the year ^_^


heya, LP here with a new update, now I returned sooner ^_^;;


Anyhow today we have a fanfiction update, a new author joins us with the first chapter of a fic and a one-shot fic as well, he goes by the name Leomon, and he brings us two cute Takari fics, one of them is a the Robin Hood story but with a digimon twist, you have to check it out, the other is a cute Valentine's day Takari one-shot, a must read ^_^


That's all for today, but I'll be returning with more here so don't touch that dial, err sorry wrong message ^_^;; I mean keep watching the site for more Takari and PataGato goodness ^_^


12/31/06: *sweatdrops* ^_^;;;


*smiles nervously* hello, I know I leaved the site almost abandoned for quite long time but many things happened to me, like that we decided to give the whole house a fix, I got a new job, and had to get a new computer, but Lord Pata is finally back with another update for all of you ^_^


About time, its been 6 months and half since your last update _


Thanks for the support my finest kitty, anyhow today the update is all art, that means we got a new load of pages of the webcomic, this time 21 new pages for your viewing pleasure, check them out you will get some big surprises


*seeing the webcomic and starts to sniff* that's so sad waaah! T_T

*blinks* Patamon? what's so sad? *checks the comic and the purple on her goes white and she faints* X_X


*sweatdrops* guess they saw what happened to one of them there, but I won't spoil anything, you have to see for yourself ^_^


The next part of the update is brought to you by Patamoncutie who brings us 5 cute fanarts, the picture of the month being one of them, check them out!


Well that's all for now, I'll try to update often but I don't promise anything since my schedule can change without any warning, well see ya in the next time and Happy New Year and belated Merry Christmas too ^_^


06/09/06: Wow!! A Really long time without update ^_^;;;


Heya everyone, here is yours truly Lord Pata returning after a really looooong absence ^_^;;;


I'm so sorry for haven't updated in a really long time, I got caught in some family issues but I'm finally back with a really big update so let's get started ^_^


Today we got a new fic by a good friend of mine named Xtra, he sent me a cute PataGato fic which I'm sure you will like.


I added a new version of my fic Gatomon's Baby which I finally started to repost on fanfiction.net, is a must read since is revamped with new lines and scenes added but conserving the original storyline.


Also we got 22, yes, 22 new pages of the Digi-Rugrats Webcomic, you have to check them all, thank you very much to Hika Yagami for her great drawing work ^_^


Talking about Hika Yagami, there are 3 new fanarts by her in her section, they are really cute, check them out ^_^


Well that's all for now, I will try to update often, this site is still alive so don't worry ^_^


See ya later and thanks for visit this humble site ^_^



11/08/05: I'm baaaack!!


Heya everyone yours truly Lord Pata is here returning after a long time without update, this time I got to special guests to help me to announce this new update so let's give a round of applauses to Patamon and Gatomon!


Hi everyone and thanks to Lord Pata to invite us here to give him a paw with the details of the new update


Yay! I got two Patas here with me! *hugs Pata and Lord Pata and purrs* Aren't they cute?


Why thank you my finest and cute kitty, Pata sure is a lucky mon


*Blushes* Err....... better let's start with the update. Tonight we got seven, yes seven new pages of the webcomic you can miss any of them, thanks a lot to Hika Yagami for th wonderful work she is doing with this comic!


*Smiles and nods* yup that's true and it's a good way for me to see how will be my and Pata's kids *purrs*


*Stares at Gatomon as his jaw fell* You aren't saying that you........


*Smirks* Something you want to share guys?


*purrs* nope, I meant to say that is a good way to see how will be my and Pata's kids when we decide to start a family


Oh okay, I was thinking well..... you know........ hehe oh nevermind *sweatdrops*


*roles eyes* Riiiight! Anyhow let's continue the update and since we are in the topic of the babies, the family album section has a new addition, my friend CapriGrrl92 created the 6th child of Pata and Gato, his name is Nyakomon, check it out at the Family Album section.


A 6th child!?! *faints*


Awww how cute! *kisses Pata to wake him up*


 *sweatdrops* Nevermind let's continue, I fixed the link to my fic Patamon's and Gatomon's first date, it got deleted from ff.net but I recently reposted it again and changed the title to Patamon's first date, I also changed the summary a bit but the fic is the same as before, check it out!


Also the Aim Expressions are fixed though it were only the ones Lord Pata did, the other themes had to be deleted but don't worry, more themes will come soon.


*Now awake* Yup, and that concludes tonight's update, stay tuned for more surprises here, also we want to thank all of you for your support. The site reached 32000 hits and that wouldn't be possible without all of you who visited it, thank you very much!


Yeah, I'm really glad the site got well accepted, I really appreciate all your support, not to mention than in December the site's gonna reach it's 2nd Anniversary! I'm really excited since I never imagined that my site could reach 2 years up and running, again thank you very much to all of you for your support!


Yeah! we love you all!


Well, this is all for now, I'll try to update more often the site, and who knows? maybe I can change the layout too, for now be happy and see ya later


See ya all! Hope and Light forever! *they wave and leave*


06/26/05: Semi-New Layout, More Webcomic, a lot of fanarts and more!


Heya everyone your always friend Lord Pata here with a new update........... a month later ^_^;;; sorry too much things to do on my schedule, but anyhow let's start with the update of today:


As you can see, I made a total change on this page, now the Guestbook buttons are at the top of the page under the logo, then is the contact me button, then is the link to me buttons and then comes the affiliates. under the page of the months you can find the PataGato clock and under the disclaimer is the site poll and the counter, all this was with the purpose of that the visitors who use the 1024x768 resolution in their monitors can see the site without problems since the old layout showed this page all pushed up to the left. ^_^;;;


Hopefully this should fix the things for everyone ^_^


Now on the site update, we got a huge bunch of fanarts courtesy of Hika Yagami and Patamoncutie, check them out, they are really cute ^_^


Patamoncutie also sent a really cute ChibiPataGato wallpaper, it's really cute!


Three new pages got added to the webcomic, thanks again to Hika Yagami for this new pages, they all are great!


Angel81 sent a Takari evidence and a new question for Tai in the questions and answers section, check them out.


Now that was one big update wasn't it? ^_^


Be tunned for more Takari and PataGato goodness here my friends ^_^


Also I want to thank everyone for your support, today the Takari and PataGato Forums reached 2 years active, thank you very much to all the members, visitors, staff and to our great host vgfuture.com for make this possible, don't forget give a visit to www.vgfuture.com for some gaming goodness and more.


Well see ya later folks! ^_^


05/22/05: Webcomic, Questions, Fanarts, Fics, Fics, Fics and more Fics.


Hello my friends, here is your friendly Lord Pata with a new update, this one is a big one ^_^


First off Hika released a new page of the digirugrats webcomic, and is a really cute one check it out ^_^


Now and after a long time I just added a couple of questions in the Digimon Q&A section yay! ^_^


In the Fanart area Holy Ayhe brought us  3 really great fanarts like only she can draw them! one of them is the current picture of the month, aren't they cute? ^_^


Finally in the fics area I got 2 new fics, one by Khakibluebot which is a great Takari fic called Hope Light and a Key Lime Pie, go check it out, you gonna like it!


The other fic is by a new author called Jamal and is called Junior Digidestined, this one is really interesting but I better don't spoil it so you can read it.


Also I want to announce that I fixed the links of some of my fics so you can read them again, only 2 of them are disabled since I'm revising them but I will post them soon again so you can read them.


Well that's all for now, I'm gonna try to update more often the site, so stay tuned for more surprises! ^_^


04/30/05: Changes on my fanfics and a important announcement.


Hi everyone, Lord Pata here with a new update and a very important announcement.


First off I want to apologize for the lack of updates here lately. I had been really busy since I got a job so my schedule got really changed. But don't worry I'm gonna keep updating the site so no problem.


Now the Important announcement is this:


Fanfiction.net did it again. They just forbid the use of music lyrics on the fics unless are lyrics created by ourselves, so if anyone seeing this is member at fanfiction.net and have songfics posted with well known song lyrics better delete those fics before ff.net admins do it along with ban your accounts.


Due to the above mentioned rule, I had to delete 2 songfics I had posted there, those songfics were "Gatomon's Lullaby" and "I'll Foreverl love you" so I posted them directly here in the site so you all can read them still.


Well that's all for now and I hope update the site again soon and maybe modify the layout if I get the chance, but till then see ya folks.


04/03/05: New Webcomic page and fixed links.


Heya everyone, Lord Pata here with a tiny update after some days without update and I apologize about that but I had been busy plus I got a flu. U_U


I just added the page 21 of the webcomic, check it out but beware, it has a surprise included that I'm sure you all gonna like it ^_^


On another note I just fixed the links of some fanarts that appeared unavailable since the account where I had them hosted got locked and disabled so I had to upload the pictures here so now they're back ^_^


Oh, also I updated the links of my fics deleted from fanfiction.net a couple of weeks ago, two of them are back while the other two are still in the works before repost them so they don't end deleted again.


Also I just changed my poll service provider to Bravenet, seems that htmlgear from tripod is having some problems right now so I had to take out that poll for the moment, luckily Bravenet let me add the current results of my old poll to this new one so no results got lost ^_^


Well that's all for now, I'm gonna try to update more often but for now that's all, see ya later folks! ^_^

3/21/05: The 5th child of hope and light, webcomic and important announcement.


Heya everyone LP here with a little update after almost 2 months without update, sorry about that, I had been busy lately ^^;;


Anyhow today I'm proud to announce the born of the 5th digimon of hope and light, he is Rumbamon, and this digimon is a creation of my friend CapriGrrl92, she gave me the details and I just did the picture and created his attacks, to check more about him just go to the family album section ^^


Also I added 2 new pages of the webcomic courtesy of Hika Yagami, check them out ^^


Now the announcement: Recently 3 of my fanfics got deleted from fanfiction.net, so those fics aren't available right now here in the site since Iinked them to fanfiction.net but they gonna be available again really soon so wait for them. ^^


Well that's all for now, I'll be adding more later, till then see ya ^^


02/01/05: Ficcy time and a new Affliliate!


Heya my friends, LP here again, with yet another update, this we got a new author in the site, her name: Patamon cutie, she sent me a really nice and cute fic called Angemon's promise that contains, Takari, PataGato and an angelic touch ^^


So check it out and Patamon cutie welcome to the site ^^


Now I'm pleased to welcome to our new affiliate, the site Evolving Digimon, as you can guess for the name is a digimon site, with a really nice layout, check it out! ^^


01/27/05: New AIM Expression.


Heya everyone LP here with a new and little update, I just added a new AIM Expression dedicated to Gatomon check it out ^^


I'll be adding more stuff later so stay tuned ^^


01/22/05: New Fanart and a new background ^^


Heya everyone here is yours truly LP with a little update, I got a new fanart by Hika Yagami, you can see a little taste on the picture of the month and if you want to see a full size version then you can go to the Fanart section and check out Hika's section ^^


Also and as you can see we have a new background on this page, this one is courtesy of my friend Princess Jaku, thank you very much Jaku ^^


Well that's all for now, see ya later my friends ^^


01/21/05: We're baaaack!! .............. Again ^^;;


Heya everyone Lord Patamon here apologizing for the little downtime of yesterday, it was due to bandwidth issues but as you can see I moved to another host so that problem is solved, thank you very much to my friend X-Fighter for give me space on his server for my site ^^


Now in updates I just added a brand new page of the webcomic, is really good check it out ^^


That's all for now and welcome back to the site ^^


01/11/05: Happy New Year!!


Heya everyone, I hope everyone have a happy new year, I know that is a bit late but well I had been a bit busy ^_^


Anyhow let's go to the updates, today I have two new pages of the webcomic up, thanks to Hika Yagami ^^


Also I added a new AIM Expression made by my friend Gatokun77 this one is a cute expression with Patamon and Gatomon's family me and my friend Hikari Yagami Takaishi created, check it out is really cute.


Well that's all for now, soon I'm gonna add another page of the webcomic as soon as Hika send it to me till then be happy and see ya later ^^