Miraculous Digievolution


I have the strength ,
is as the strength of ten because my heart is pure


Alfred Tennyson

"sir galahad" 

-what?- matt shouted to tk a day the younger of the boys made a visit to the older at his house. Matt was alone , once again their father was working and wouldn't come back before midnight.
Tk waited after finishing dinner before he gave the notice.
-you cannot be serious! Are you saying that you are going to study to england?!
Tk assented , this time he went alone to visit his brother. He sent patamon to the yagami's house because tk felt that matt and him needed a certain privacy.
-can i tell gatomon?- asked before his friend.
-you can because this won't be a secret anymore so go ahead. But please, choose the right words . Remember kari...
-are you really going to do this?- demanded matt- and what about kari?! She is your girlfriend , right?
Tk looked at matt very calm.
-not really , maybe we act as we were a couple. ...but my decision is made up .i'll go.
Matt was really surprised , tk was different from the little dependent crying boy he was when they entered to the digital world for the first time.
Now he was looking at a mature person which had his own ideas and didn't fear about what fortune can depare on him.
-don't you fear about loosing kari this way, ?maybe she won't wait for you- matt didn't want seeing his brother go the other side of the planet.
-i love her more than my own life, matt. And of course i am scared about loosing her but... Just face it matt. We are too young to think about a serious compromise, and there are many reasons that i think i should go.
Matt opened the refrigerator and took a beer. He certainly needed it.
-ok. Give the shot- and opened the tin.
I was given a beca to study in england. Someone heard me playing the piano and told about that to the authorities of my school. The director then called me and asked me to play the piano for him , he must think that i am really good at this and the rest is history... But i don't think i'm that good, you are the musician of the family matt. Not me.
Tk actually played the piano? Matt felt that the beer didn't want to go to his stomach.
-well- he gasped- come with me. Let me judge it by myself.
They went to matt's room and under some spread clothes they were able to find an instrument.
-you certainly need a maid, matt. I can figure what sora says when she comes here- laughted takeru.
Matt felt embarrased.
-sora often helps me cleaning up this mess, dad says that she is really a perfect "wife".
-poor sora- tk smiled- she doesn't really know the ground she is stepping on.
-the same thing says gabumon, that's the reason he prefers living at the digi world. He is not dependable as patamon.ok- he apparted the blue skirt that was over the keyboard. - i want to hear your music, little bro'.
Tk sat down and took some breath before he began to play.
He began interpreting a minuet , the music was soft and warm and the effect was immediate. Matt's heart began to warm itself.
Suddenly he changed his mind and played the 9th symphony of bethoveen instead and literally music became alive .
And the older boy could swear that at some moments , could saw, in a half of a second, a golden light emanating from tk's body.
When tk finished matt's eyes were wet.
-tk! I won't forgive you because because you have been hiding such a great talent! You are a genious and..damn! - he put a hand over tk's shoulders - i'm very proud of you. You are the one who can conquer the whole world!
-really?- tk was now embarrassed. He often plays the piano or the violin but until that time he played only for himself. He didn't want to tell nobody about this because he ...it was something very private for himself , the strange and wonderful feelings that he is surrounded while he plays an instrument made him so... Like if he was acting like someone completely different.
He wished to see that mysterious girl again, nova. She said that he would change after the...no. Won't think about that now.
-i do not intend to conquer the world matt. I want to know it, i have a thirsty of travelling around the whole world and meet people. I want to know everything and live adventures.
Matt finally could understood what his brother was trying to say.
-you want to find your own way , right?
Tk assented.
-you are feeling the same thing that i felt at that occasion when we returned to the digi world and after fighting those first times against the dark masters i decided to go by my own side with gabumon... I wanted to find my own way ... There were lessons i felt i needed to learn only by my own, without tai 's company and long from you.
-at that time i didn't understand your reasons and i suffered very much. Then i kept in my heart the promisse you made me to return. That we would be reunited to fight against the enemy on the dark spiral.
Matt smiled.
-you need to be away from everybody. I know that you won't tell me what happened to you those 3 days that you were dissappeared, i know that you had changed since the day you reappeared... But can you tell me something?
-it was so horrible?
Tk looked at his hands and for many minutes he said nothing. He was thinking about many things and matt looked at him very worried.
I ...saw many things matt. I saw how a being manipulated by the darkness forces can destroy everything. I didn't feel so scared since angemon's first death. Neither of the previous experiences with the groups had prepared me to face the terrible lesson that i had to learn.
-tk... That's why nothing else worry you now?
-when diaborom stroke again i prayed not be forced to relearn the same lesson , but this time all the team was together and ... The miracle happened again. Moegamon turned himself into the holly digiword that being ported by imperialdramon imparted justice without having to sacrifice anybody's life.
-what are you saying with that?
I say that i have been forced to presence the most horrible thing in my life and had to learn the hardest way to impart the true justice. I had , as angemon did the first time, to fuse myself with the holly power of light and become someone else. That's why gennai told you people that i had been at the ocean of light- tk said nothing more.
Who are you tk?
Tk didn't answer.
Because of that you don't feel comfortable at davis group, is that. Right?
Maybe i had never felt part of the group. Davis is not tai , he is only someone trying to be tai. Tai has his own personality and a great deep force in his heart that davis doesn't have.- tk walked to a window and looked at the sky , that was magnificent with a beautiful moon that was eclipsing the brilliant stars.- davis hates me because kari prefers to be with me, kari doesn't really knows which boy she really loves. And i really hate triangles ,matt.
But kari seems to love you , tk.
Tk nodded his head.
-no matt. She still doesn't know the mean of that word. Not the romantic love i mean and maybe i don't know either. Before that day in the beach she has been toying with davis and me, she found funny about making a boy suffer of jealousy but nova ....the girl that i mentioned you that day was in a certain way my first plathonic love and if i were at the same age of hers i wouldn't give another girl false chances just to make her realice that she loves me. And for god sake! I'm twelve! Come on matt, don't tell me that you were interested in romantic bussiness at that age!
Matt laughted.
-it was tai , not me. He really made sora going nuts at that time. I prefered to wait. But you are not going to england for ever, right?
-of course not! And we can see one to each other at the digi world or i can travel throught the net to japan like mimi did when she went to live to the united states . We can still see each other evry day we want... If we can set up the right hour.
The ishida brother wasn't so sad now. Tk was right, because he was going to another country that didn't mean that would pass months before they can see again , the digiworld had many advantages after all... It was like seeing gabumon,.
-tk is really going to leave the group?!- asked tai to patamon. Kari was sleeping at a friend's house that night so patamon was with tai and gatomon.
-yes. - said tk's partner.
-kari will be devastated with that notice- said gatomon.
-and that will let davis every chance to get closer to my sister. I thought that tk would fought for her and now...- tai was sad- i like davis but not as my sister possible fiancee.
Well , tk actually thinks that she likes davis- said patamon
no way! In fact she always keep talking about tk- said tai in a loud voice
patamon and gatomon looked one to each other surpised. They thought that tai was partidary of davis' cause, not tk's.
Tk is the only one who can protect kari as she really deserves, especially when she went that time to that horrible place and tk and you two were the only ones able to rescue her. He promissed me once that he would always going to take care of my sister and now...he is leaving to england!
Patamon felt compassion and explained tk's reason for leaving. Tai finally seemed to understood.
-he sometimes is so much like matt, and i could see it that day when we had to rescue agumon when davis decided to hit tk. - he smiled- i'll never understand why their mother decided to change tk's surname but he is still an ishida.
Maybe it will be better for him changing countries, mimi also changed a lot when she went to live to the us and she's really a fantastic girl now.
-maybe not seeing so oftenly one to each other will make tk and kari apprecciate more their relationship. That doesn't mean that davis will have more chances , in fact i say that now davis will never have an opportunity.- reflected gatomon- humans are so strange.
-when he will leave?
-in a week. Sorry about keeping this as a secret but tk had to think it very well first. It isn't easy for him, but about their relationship ...they are still too young. There is always time for those things.
Tai considered that words and knew that patamon was right. Maybe those two needed to grow up first , as fisically as emotionally before assuming their mutual love. Maybe because of that she was enjoying making davis feeling jealous. She wasn't really prepared to have a boyfriend yet , maybe tk knew that and prefered to go away because he was more grown up than her.
If they were sharing true love they would be perfectly able to wait.
So the hope that someday he and she would get married din't die. Because they are too young the idea simply would be posposed.
-we must prepare a party for tk. -
and he picked up the phone.
The digimons were enthusiasmed with the idea. They smiled too.
-hello, mrs takenouchi. Is sora there?
the next day while entering to school kari pushed tk to a wall.
-why didn't you tell me?!- she was really angry
cody and davis were surprised , it was the first time she acted like that way. She was always showing herself as a mature , absolute sure of herself and calm person. Now she was acting as an authentic amazon.
Davis began to feel fear, if that was the way she was acting when she was furious... Maybe he had a wrong idea of kari. She was human after all.
-but kari- said cody- it's not time for that we must enter to school.
-go ahead, he and i must talk...alone.vanish you two!- she ordered .
-but kari...- davis smiled stupidly - it's late and
-dissappear right now!!!- she looked at the friends with fire in her eyes.
Cody and davis tembled, she was so dangerous as st helenas' mount, she could explode in a moment and they weren't very sure about wanting to see that.
So they left the takari antagonists alone at the door. Nobody was noticing that patamon and gatomon were looking at the scene from over a branch of a nearly tree.
-oh!oh!- said patamon- i saw the same _expression in myke tyson
you see? She really loves tk!-gatomon seemed very interested- human love is strange but not less interesting.
If love hurts ... I , when i ‚
they saw both kids talking and kari suddenly hit tk at a cheek and ran away crying.
-kari!- tk shouted
-oh no!- gatomon jumped from the tree and followed kari. Patamon did the same but went where tk was standing.
-what happened?- he asked.
-kari didn't understand it. He called me a coward and many things more. She called me lier because she has never listened to me playing the piano and then she said she doesn't want to see me anymore before she hit me and ran away from me.- he was compugned.
-what are you doing? Just move your legs and give her an apologize!
Tk doubted he was afraid to hurt kari's feelings more than he did.
-tk! You at least' owe her that!
This time wasn't patamon speaking . He heard angemon's voice in his head.
He looked at patamon but over his friend's head he could see the spirit of angemon looking at him, and behind him there were magna angemon and seraphimon?!
-tk?- patamon once spoke again-
takeru felt something strange... Something was going to happen
-kari!!!!- and he he began to run.
Tai and izzy were running to school , because they lived very close they always take the bus together to arrive in time to high school.
But this time they arrived late to the bus parade and had to go by their own feet to class.
-i shouldn't have waited for you and took alone the damn bus !- izzy was impatient. It was the first time he was going to be late and he really hate that. Like joe kido , he was an obssessive of punctuality.
-well! Friends are made to share the good and bad things!
-sure... If the teacher make us stand at the hall i'll throw you the water of the bucket in your head!
-hey koushiro! You sometimes have a bad genious like matt! Have you been taking lessons from him?- tai laughted
-sure, tai. Sure. I wish tentomon was here instead of helping mom with the shopping. This is the time i wish kabuterimon is here to take us school!
-oh... I wish that too. It's horribly hot here in the city and you digimon's wings always make those delicious winds!- tai was absolute suffering of hotness, it wasn't easy studying in the summer season.
Suddenly they found gatomon carrying kari's pink haversack . Tai 's face went pale when he saw that... Something very similar happened in the past .
-kari is missing!- cried gatomon- she has vanished in the air !
-noooo!!! Please tell me that is a joke!
Izzy stopped too and forgot the class hour and took his computer.
-maybe we can find her with the computer , the digivices always send a frequence synthony and...
Tai nodded his head.
And as he feared kari's signal never appeared at the screen.
-she must have gone to that ...world. We must look for help, i don't think we are able to open by ourselves the gate to that dimension
-we must call the others.
kari didn't realize that she was in the digiworld at the begining because she wasn't looking where she was runing. She simply was crying and looking for be as far as she could from tk.
-tk... You stupid. I don't need you so why am i waisting my time worring about you?
She was jealous about tk's dreams. She always prefered that tk would be so dependable of her as davis is, but tk was the most independent boy that she has ever met.
She never imagined that he was able to leave everything and prefer studying in an occidental country than staying with her.
Kari- he said- if a school from italy would give you the chance to increase your fotographs abilities through a scholarship...i think you would take it . Maybe you love m... Someone , but first of all you must considerate your dreams and future before sacrifying them for love... And
he couldn't continue because she hit him. She was hurt because through these words she believed that tk in fact didn't love her.
-how could i committ the fatal errror by falling in love with a boy who doesn't feel the same about me?- she cried- he only looks at me as his best friend, only as a friend!
And then , when she stopped trying to calm herself she finally paid attention to the sorroundings.
-i'm in that dimension again? She was frightned. She was again alone in that horrible place . - why just you can't leave me alone!! I don't want to be here anymore!!!!
But there was nobody listening to her. She ran again , but trying to search for an exit gate.
Nothing happened, now she was alone in the dark beach. And recognized the same place where she arrived the first time when she tried to help a group of divermons and finally tk had to rescue her..
Now she realized how much she needed him.
Tk once told her that , while he was searching for her he was permanentely shouting her name, calling her.
She was afraid and wanted to cry again but then she remebered his words:
-kari , i care too much about you . I won't let anybody take you without fighting! -
this was his first confession but now she realized that he declared his love for her since that time. How silly she was by not hearing clearly that words.
-i care about you too tk- she remebered she answered .
But time passed and she forgot that moment, she even didn't care when he was showing a personal crisis when he was furious with blackwargreymon. Only when cody , sometime later told her about his traumathic experience after remembering the witnessing angemon's death ...then she could understood him.
-i should had made the same thing as cody did, i should have showed an interest in tk's feeling that time. But i was scared , i was a coward. Because he showed an angrily reaction didn't mean he needn't a friend to listen him. He was feeling such a great pain...! And i did nothing for him!
Kari thought that tk was right when he said that they were yet too immature to become a serious couple. That's why he insisted to be friends some time more...and going to another country may make both of them mature.
Tk was more skilful than she suspected.
-oh... Tk...i am the one who should apologize!
Then she has an idea.
The first time he was shouting her name , calling her.
Now it was her time for shouting his beloved 's name, now she will call him.
-tk!!!!!! Tk!!!!!!!!!!
patamon looked at tk who suddenly stopped runing.
-tk? What's going on? Do you want me to digivolve into pegasusmon to search for her from the air?
-no...it's not that....i could swear that i could hear kari's voice.
-so we are closer!
Tk was worried.
"tk!" he heard she was calling for him. She was in danger!
-oh no!- he exclaimed- she must have returned to that world!
-what?it cannot be!-
-i can sense her there ... We must go for her!
At that time tai, izzy and cody appeared .
-tai! What are you people doing here?- asked a surprised tk
-tk!- tai stood in front of him- we were looking for you. I begg you, help my sister!!
The first time you were able to open a gate to that world - said izzy- patamon and gatomon told us. And gatomon said that patamon told her that you confessed him that you have developed some strange powers when you came back from...you only know. You must do something, you are the only who can!
Tk looked at patamon
-i couldn't resist. Gatomon is my best friend, i can't keep secrets with her- apologized patamon.
-matt and sora couldn't excuse themselves from class, davis is at detention . Yolei and ken are in an school excursion at the other side of the city and joe is in bed with a very bad flue. - explained cody- so whe reached your signal trying to find you but you were moving so fast through the streets that it was hard to us to find you!
The only digimon that was with them was upamon.
-do you want us to fuse into shakkoumon?- he asked
-kari is in that world- tk declared- sadness must have weakened her forces and the darkness used that in its favour. And it was my fault! I won't let anybody hurt kari!!!
You must remeber how did you open the gate. Lead us there, come on, i know that ypu can- tai was desperated. But hope remained in his heart, he believed in tk. Tk was the child of miracles, he was the one who always saved the day at the most terrible situations. Devimon, myotismon, piedmon...
Tk took his digivice and looked at it.
-we must first pick your digimons-
and tk closed his eyes and accomoded his hands in a praying way as he did that time in that strange world where , because thanks to davis, he learned that he could make his wishes become true and..
Nova takariyama , the girl he met twice in his life had taught him something very important. The digivices hides more power and abilities than is really known. The only thing that it was needed to make it efficient and obey your orders was to have a strong heart and a fully belief in your soul's power.
Tk , as the others noticed, looked like a prayer holding a cross.
And suddenly the digivice began to bright!
-oh my...!- said tai
-cheez!- izzy was completely fascinated- i can only figurate the experiences that our friend had passed because he can manipulate the digivice better than the others.
-tk!!!!!!!! Tk!!!!!!!!!!!11- kari was still calling while she was walking near the dark sea.
She wasn't going to give up. Tk never gave up that time.
-you are not the only one who is waiting for somebody.- said a voice.
She turned back her head very surprised, she knew that voice.
But it wasn't possible....
Standing over a monticle of sand was the dark version of wargreymon. He was staring at the sea.
What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be dead?
I thought i was dead , but somebody made me the favour of ressurrecting me. But then he made me stay here.
Why?- kari felt compassion about him. Blackwargreymon was an unhappy creature which was searching his own destiny.
Because , he explained me that i was bornt in the world to fulfill the destiny that was asigned me from the very begining, that in fact it was forbidden for me to die before i have fullfilled my mission.
Mission? What mission?
The digimon looked at her before he continued speaking.
-i have always felt it, the reason i always wanted to fight against the strong digimon searching for the strongest one .... I thought that my heart was ordering me to fight because it was my destiny to become the strongest digimon. But i was wrong, my real desire is fighting against the most powerful being because...
A golden light appeared in a suden and blackwargreymon changed his posture. He was not going to talk anymore.
The light appeared bigger and bigger and then , arrived very close to kari and the digimon .it showed the digidestined and their digital partners.
-tai! Tk!- kari smiled. She knew that she would be rescued. The other kids ran where she was standing.
But before they could move very much blackwargreymon began to attack ...tk!
-you are the one i was waiting for !
And in a few seconds he caught the blond digidestined.
-tk!!!-screamed an horrified kari.
-let him go!- shouted agumon and digivolved into wargreymon and hit his dark twin.
-tk!- patamon digivolved into angemon
-we must be shakkoumon now!- shouted cody's digimon.
And shakkoumon appeared at stage.
But blackwargreymon refused to let tk go. The rest of the digimons evolved into their ultra forms . Gatomon directly became angewomon.
-leave me alone! - replied wargreymon- i'm not interested fighting the rest of you. This is the one i ve been searching my whole life,-he was holding tk by his neck.
-me?- tk could hardly talk, and he was horrified because he was reviving that day again...blackwargreymon was defeating the others digimons as he did before,treating their enemies like flies while he was holding the enemy he was really interested fighting against because was the most powerful of all the present...but tk wasn't angemon!- what are you saying?
-you know exactly what i am talking about, the great power that you hide even from yourself! You are the rival i had searched for so much time! That's why that voice ordered me to destroy the sacred stones! He hoped that that destruction would make you react ...you almost did it but your other personality really fooled us ! He never showed again!
-blackwargremon had gone nuts. - inquired izzy- there is no sense, he acts as if tk is a digimon. Atlurkabuterimon do something to rescue our friend!
But his digimon was kicked off and lost his digievolution. He felt on izzy's arms.
-i'm sorry...he is too powerful.
-tk! Free tk!- cried kari
angewomon hit the enemy but black didn't seem to notice her punch. Shakkoumon lost his digievolution and patamon and upamon were forced to appear.
-tk!!!!- shouted then patamon and flew where was his friend.
Wargreymon hold his twin 's shoulders but the other one was still holding strongly tk.
-i made her come to this place because he assured me that you were going to follow her. He said that you have learned to open by yourself the space-temporal gates of the worlds thanks to that nova!
-you know...nova?
-no. But he does. But she isn't going to show up to rescue you like she did the last time. You must fight against me or i'll destroy your friends in this moment!
-we won't allow you doing such terrible thing!- tai was furious - tk is our friend and we'll keep him with us! And you won't be able to destroy us because as the team we ae we are invencible!!!! Wargreymon!!!!
But wargreymon was hit badly and reconverted into agumon. Only angewomon was still able to fight.
-don't fight anymore- said tk- this is personal
-tk? Are you really going to grant blackwargreymon's order?- asked cody- he is completely crazy! He believes that you are a digimon!
-he isn't a digimon!!!!!- shouted the dark digimon- he is an angel!!!! He is the most powerful angel in the creation. When i was created i had a mission that i parcially forgot, i was awakened to find this angel and make him show as he really is! That is my mission! Come on! Show your power!! Turn into your angellic form!!
-tk!!!!!!!!!!!-shouted kari while tai was hugging her , everybody felt so impotent to help.
Tk was acting as angemon did the last time, and many memories crossed through his mind. When angemon first appeared, the piedmon's last jet, the first time that seraphimon appeared bringing up a miracle...nova and her angemon. The events presenced since malomyotismon final defeat...and the lesson he was forced to learn.
He was still holding his digivice.
I am the protector sent to protect those beloved to me.... The angels of hope and light will shoot an arrow of hope and light....but i am the angel who forseeks destiny because justice must always be imparted...courage makes friendship get stronger because are fed by love , which can increase our knowledge about the important things and expand our hope which feeds and support light- tk was almost unconsious while he was speaking without thinking- a pure heart is strong because hope exists to feed the whole light inside and hope preceeds miracles and miracles will show up because justice must be made!!!!
His digivice began to bright with more intensity than before and the light burnt the digimon's hands.
-aaaaaargggggghh!!!- the pain was terrible- yes! That is! He is showing himself! He is the enemy that i must fight against!
Everybody was amazed.
-yes!!- the digidestined aplauded- kick his ass!!!- said izzy
-wow! He is wonderful!- cody was proud to be his dna partner.
Tk was standing over the sand and still holding...
-hey!- said angewomon so amazed as the others- his digivice has changed its form. Is all round!
And he is holding in another hand a ..golden card?- izzy couldn't believe what he was seeing
-tk! Let me fight!- said patamon now over tk's head.
-prepare yourself too your new digievolution patamon-
card changing!!!!- tk became a tamer?- miraculous digievolution!!!!
And a new light of digievolution fel over patamon.
Izzy of course was registering everything.
-patamon digivolve to...
Nobody could believe what had happened next.
Blackwargreymon was being punched by angemon, magna angemon and seraphimon at the same time!!!!
-how could he do that?!- asked tai
-and especially because we aren't in that dimension where dreams can become true!- continued cody
the other digimons were admired.
-hope preceed miracles- kari repeated tk's words- come on tk!!
The angels gave blackwargeymon the fight of his life , and never allowed the black digimon to touch tk again.
-no... Those aren't the angels i want to fight... The human is the real angel...
But magna angemon used his sword and..
-gate of destiny!!! You will be judged at the other side.
Because blackwargreymon was trying to avoid the gate the angels caught him and flew taking him inside the gate.
Seraphimon talked before they pulled him inside the gate.
-you won't die , but you will be trapped at the other side until you will be called again. But this time you will serve light. You will be released by the angel you once claimed to fight against and your true path will be shown to you . But now you must complain punsihment because you tried to force our lord to do something against his own will.
And the angels pulled blackwargreymon inside the gate and the gate was closed definitibly.
Then the angels made another light appear and suddenly the digidestined where in tokio. Tk was standing in front of his friends accompanied by the angels.
-wow- said tai- you really saves us all.
Kari directly hugged tk and cried softly on his cchest.
I had learnt this kind of digievolution by the hard way. I hope that i never need use it again. -
the angels became patamon again and tk left his amazed fiends. Kari followed him and went to odaibas park
-is tk really an angel?- asked cody
-neah...- tai was smilling- maybe he was refering to the extraordinary digievolution. And the digimon went crazy. He thought wrong things.
Well , i can assure that tk is your sister's guardian angel- smiled agumon- tai , it would be interesting if someday you will be able to make me digivolve at the same way tk did with patamon.
-ops!- said izzy- i must study his digivice! It has changed its form ... And that strange card! Tk! Wait for me!- izzy ran away with tentomon following him.
-and we must think in an excuse because we had missed a class!- cody was really worried- our parents are going to kill us!
-izzy and i never arrived to class-
odaiba's park.
I love you kari- he said in a sweet way and kissed hikari
and i love you tk
their digimons were looking at the scene satisfied, finally things were ok.
-i thought i could leave without confessing you my true feelings but...i can't. But it isn't fair expecting you to wait for me. You deserve to be loved kari by a good boy who...
But kari put a finger on his lips.
-i don't want another boy. I only love you, not davis , nor ken ...nobody! Sorry about the kick, i was so scared about loosing you that ...i didn't think. I'll be happy if you are satisfied with england. And as you told me , we can see one to each other every day we want thanls to the digital gates. But you are right about we needing time to grow up and maturate. Maybe we aren't really prepared to be a formal couple yet, but the only thing i know is that i will always love you.
-so i will. This is a test for our hearts , if this is true love time will demostrate it.- he kissed her again.
Tai is preparing a party for you , it will be this sunday. You are going out on monday right? You cannot leave without saying good bye!
I'll be there , sweetie.
For me you are my boyfriend right now ...will you let me tell the others?
Sure , kari. And i will tell my friends in england that i have a girlfriend.
So as a couple we are giving ourselves time to develop the true esence of our love.
He laughted.
Party was fine and everybody gave tk a present , even davis . Mimi assisted too so did michael who was fighting with wallace for her attentions . Mimi showed no interest in neither of them.
Matt was really proud of tk and said to tai that he couldn't wait to the day their little brother and sister became a married couple.
-so do i-assured tai.
Patamon had to explain the others digimon that he did not remember a thing from his new digievolution.
Everybody recognized that would miss tk and wished him the best of his luck in england.
When the day arrived , there was an emotive comitive present to say good-bye to tk.
Kari cried a lot while she was hugging and kissing him. Gatomon didn't want let patamon go either.
-we will see oftenly, i can promisse that. I'll meet the other digidestined and share my experiences with them. Remeber that one must follow his heart.
And took the plane .
Kari stared at the window looking the plane flying to the west. Tai hugged her comprehensive.
-do you know something , tai? Tk was the real leader of the group. Not the original one , i mean davis'.
-i know. But i gave the googles to davis because i always knew that tk would refuse them. He never wanted to become the leader.
-but i knew that too- said davis- i always felt that takaishi was the leader. But made me thought that i was. - and smiled- maybe because of that kari prefered to be with the best guy.
Everybody assented.
At the other side of the airport there were two people looking at the digidestined.
-well, nova. Everything is ok. I don't know why you were so worried about tk- said the man.
Because he is the only one who can help me on finding my own brother. But we must take care of him until the day he will really show as he really is himself. Thanks god he is going to england, there are waiting for him those people who will keep an eye on him until that day. I'll be able to rest myself and continuing training and eyekeeping over the other guy, ryo.
I don't trust in that ryo- said the man
He is even more complicated than takaishi
oh...isn't that life? You can‚°t get bored!
You are right. We'd better return to our dimension.
Poor blackwargreymon...-suspired nova
Because he really found truth. He met the angel he was looking during so much time.
The man smiled a bit before turning himself into tempusangemon , tai and the others could see a strange light appearing suddenly at the other side of the airport but before they could realice what's was going on the girl and her angel were vanished in the air.
Neither tai or izzy would believe in the next days what the newspapers would say about the strange phenomenon occured at the airport. Many people assured that could see two angels at the place before the light appeared.
-neah... People is allucinating by stress- declared tai - maybe there was a technical problem ... Light cut or something like that. Angels?
The only angel i know is angemon!


The End