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Hope, Light and Key Lime Pie:

Chapter One

"Really? You will? Oh, that’s great! Uh-huh? Yeah. Okay. Sure thing. I’ll give you a call when I find out! Okay, thanks again! Yes, this is really exciting!"

Kari returned the handset back on the base and squealed. "TK! TK! They’re going to do it! There coming to Odabia!"

"Mommy, what’s going on? Why are you yelling?"

"Are you and daddy fighting again?"

Kari turned to the two twins sitting at the table, looking up at their mother with wide eyes.

"No, we’re not fighting. I just very hap—TK! WAKE UP!" Kari yelled sticking her head in the bedroom. "They’re coming to Japan! They’re going to do it!"

The massive lump that hadn’t budged from the bed slowly began to stir, as a wrinkled, messy yellow blond head popped up from under the covers. "Eh, who…"

"They’re going to do it!" She shouted. "We’re going to be their first international couple!"

"Oh, that’s great, angel." TK groaned, giving a weak smile. "Miraculous...wonderful…amaz…" He droned off as he slumped back down under the covers.

Honestly. He’s the human equivalent of a three-toed sloth. Kari thought, as she walked towards the bed towards her sleeping husband.

"Come on, TK, we’re supposed to be at the doctors in about an hour. You know Josh hates it when we’re late."

* * *

Awake these people up and show them they keep dreamin'
Breathe Stretch Shake, Let it Go
Breathe Stretch Shake, Let it Go
Wake these people up and show them they keep dreamin'

"Yep, this is Josh’s place, all right." the young doctor said, hearing the music flow from the other side of the door.

She reached out and rang the doorbell.

"Come in, Tab!" A voice called out from the inside. "Door’s open!"

The young lady reached out her hand and twisted the knob, the loud music nearly pushing her back out in the hallway.

Some days I make thousands
Some days I make millions
Spend my day chillin
Coupe's with suede ceilings
Everybody out there wanna know what Mase got
Way hot gray drop Maybach gray yacht (Whoooo)
And that's just the way it be
Favor, people wanna pay for me
When I'm in Mr. Chows, they waive the fee
And I don't chase money, man
Money chase me

"Who do you think you are? The missing member of the Bad Boy family or something?" Tab shouted over the music as she pulled off her shoes and stared at her dancing boyfriend.

The young doctor looked up at the lady in the living room and grinned sheepishly as he continued slipping, sliding and dancing on the kitchen’s tile floor in his socks, singing and cooking as if there was no tomorrow.

Awake these people up and show them they keep dreamin'
Breathe Stretch Shake, Let it Go
Breathe Stretch Shake, Let it Go
Wake these people up and show them they keep dreamin'

On the stove were three skillets, all occupied; one had 6 fat pan sausages sizzling away, which Josh poked at from time to time in between choruses. Another had four eggs, sunny side up, their yolk’s perfectly intact. The last skillet had pancakes, which Josh had just flipped over, judging by the golden brown surface. On the side of the stove was a big platter were a pretty tall stack of already done pancakes, and dark brown pan sausage sat warm and waiting.

Awake these people up and show them they keep dreamin'
Breathe Stretch Sha

Now snapped out of his groove, the black male looked up in shock. "Hey! What’s the deal?" He groaned, nearly forgetting about the eggs he left on the skillet.

Tab sighed, "Honestly, it’s a wonder you don’t get evicted." she said, setting the stereo remote on the coffee table. "This isn’t the states, Josh."

"I know, I know." Josh sighed, moving the two plates full of food over to the small breakfast table. "But I just want to try to infuse some soul into the Japanese culture."

"If you don’t watch out, they’re going to infuse you with something, and it ain’t going to be soul." she said, giving him a kiss. "And when that happens, you’re gonna be glad that we get an employee discount at work."

Josh grinned. "Forget breakfast, that was the most important meal of the day." he cooed, pulling out her chair. "Your chair, madam."

"Why thank you! This looks great!" Tab replied, sitting down and unfolding her napkin. "When you go all out, you go all out!"

"Figured we could both use the energy. Ever since they replaced those vending machines in the lounge, breakfast isn’t worth eating there!" Josh sighed, sitting down on the other end of the table.

"I know. It’s terrible. When I finally got a chance in between deliveries to eat, I almost wish I hadn’t."
"Busy last night?" Josh asked, pouring some orange juice.

"Oh yeah. Me, Joe and Steve were hustling with delivery’s. Never fails on a full moon: everyone wants to make their debut."

"Things calmed down by the time you left?" Josh asked, wiping his mouth.

"Oh yeah, things were really flowing when I finally got out of there. Joe and Steve were running the show."

* * *

"I got seven women down here fully dilated, five of them are starting to crown, and two are threatening to lock the door, squat down and do it themselves! I really need some help!"

"Dr. Kido! Mrs. Higurashi is ready to pop!" Steve shouted, jogging up to the blue haired resident. "She’s crowning, and I’m seeing ears down there!"

Joe slapped a head to his forehead. "I swear, she’s having kids like she’s a freaking puppy or something!" He muttered, as he picked up the phone again. "Look, I just need a few nurses down here as soon as you can, okay? Thank you!"

Joe sighed as he slammed the phone receiver down and looked at the young medical student. "Okay, okay. Here’s what we’re going to do: we have a few nurse midwives on the floor. Get them in with some of the mothers who are about to pop and let them know that they may have to deliver if we’re not there."

"Yes sir. I’ll get them together now." Steve said, nodding. "But what about Mrs. Higurashi?"

"Get in there and deliver that puppy," Joe said, picking up three metallic charts. "It’s just a regular delivery, just a little… furrier. Call if you need help."

"Sure will." Steve said, pounding through the delivery room door.

Thirty seconds later, he pounded back through the door and walked back up to Joe, his blond hair now bearing a definitely frazzled look. "I need help."

"Breathe Kagome, breathe!"

"Quit yelling at me!"

"I’m not yelling! Breathe!"



Joe winced as he heard the loud bang from the other side of the delivery room door. "Oy. Let’s get with it." He sighed to Steve.

* * *

Dr. McKnight propped his head on his hand and stared at the young couple sitting in front of his desk. "You know, I’m still running a study on how digital transportation effects sex drive, because this is starting to get ridiculous."

TK and Kari laughed nervously, holding each other’s hand. "Well, um…see what happened was, it was a few months ago…"

"Seven to be exact…" Kari added, helpfully.

"And the kids were staying over at Koumiko’s house. It was a rainy day and we didn’t have much else to do so we—"

"I get the idea! I get the idea!" the African-American doctor interrupted, holding up a hand. "Man! I’ve seen rabbits that don’t reproduce as much as you two."

The young couple grinned nervously.

"Well, everything looks right on schedule, Kari." Dr. McKnight sighed, setting on the corner of the desk. "We did five passes with the ultrasound, and I can safely say that there is one and one bun in your oven."

"Good." Kari sighed with relief. "I didn’t want any surprises this time around. I would have enough to worry about with the cameras in the room, but—"

"Um, hold up, one minute. Cameras? What’s this about cameras?" Dr. McKnight asked, slowly sinking back down into his chair, his hand once again supporting his head.

To Be Continued…

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