Welcome to the Family Album of the family of Hope and Light here you gonna meet the childs of Gatomon and Patamon that me and my friend Baby Gatomon used in our fics, two of this kids are used with permition of our friends Roman Montesco and Hope's Truth. so without another word lets meet the family:





He is the eldest son of Gatomon and Patamon, he born when the digidestined returned to the digiworld to face the Dark Masters, when they entered in the port to return to the digiworld something happened in the port that somehow ended taking part of Gatomon's dna and part of Patamon's dna and merged it together resulting in Nekomon's born, however Gatomon and Patamon never knew about him until years later after MaloMyotismon's fall since Gennai raised him until he came to age and then he joined to his parents. His attacks are Cat's Eye Hipnotism and Neko-Punch. he digivolves to Tenshimon a Ultimate Angel Digimon and his attack is Heaven's punisher, his mega form is Archangel Tenshimon and his attacks are Saint's Blade and Holy Judgement.




She is Gatomon and Patamon's second kid, she born in a way much similar to her brother Nekomon's born. During the battle with Apocalymon and when he deleted the digidestined and their digimon a girl called Hikaru managed to collect data of Gatomon and Patamon and then she merged it resulting in her born. just like her brother Nekomon she met her parents years later after MaloMyotismon's fall. her special attacks are Lightning Bubbles and little heaven's judgement. she digivolves to Piddowomon a femenine version of Piddomon she uses a sword instead of a staff and is extremely powerful she also has a powerful attack called Holy Knuckle, her mega form is Seraphiwomon, she is the femenine version of Seraphimon and she her attacks are the same of Seraphimon.





Gatomon and Patamon's yougest kids, they are twins since they born at the same time and they are the culmination of Gatomon and Patamon's love for each other resulting in Gatomon's pregnancy being her and Patamon the first fertile digimon known (at least in our fics) and being their babies the first digimon that don't born from a digiegg (Nekomon and White Patamon born from digieggs builded with Gatomon and Patamon's data). Even tough these cute babies are only a few months old they are really smart and powerful so dont pick on them if you know what is good for your health.



Gatomon and Patamon's 5th kid, unlike his siblings he got more mixed traits from his parents like Patamon's wings on his back, a golden collar like Salamon's on his neck and obviously Gatomon's form, though he bares an uncanny resemblance with his big brother Nekomon since much like Nekomon he has orange and red fur and white and red gloves, his attacks are Rumba-claw, Cat's eye hypno and Sonic Wing.


Note: Rumbamon is a creation of my friend CapriGrrl92, she gave me the details of Rumbamon except for the attacks and I just did the picture.




Gatomon and Patamon's 6th kid, is the younger one but just because he is smalls doesn't means that he is weak, he has 3 powerful attacks which are: Atomic bubble, Bubble Bomber and Magnum bubble tail, he is very friendly but when the danger is present he won't doubt in attack.



Note: Nyakomon is a creation of my friend CapriGrrl92, she gave me the details of Nyakomon includingr the attacks and I just did the picture.