(Directors Commentary – Hello once again to those in fanfiction land, and welcome to the directors edition of “The Light of Hope”, the directors edition. Once again, I’m gonna be bringing you my own special version of this story including some background commentary on the story, and some special, never-before-scenes! So, lets get right down into it! Remember, wherever you see the D/C sign, be prepared to hear my big mouth!)

The Light of Hope- Forever Green Socks of Love Chapter II

(D/C – Here we go again, chapter two of my little fanfiction presentation! If you remember the original story, I had a whole scene here where TK and Kari are riding in the car from the hospital/birth suite. TK was trying to find out all the juicy details about what went down, yet Kari was in her own little world. But in the director’s cut, I added that scene to Sincere Knowledge, which was a brief idea that I had during 1999 when I was writing the original.)


"Oh, here it comes again! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Ahh!”

"Come on! Breathe, Kari, breathe!" T.K was calling over his shoulder over and over again from the driver's seat.

“Screw breathing! It ain’t helping!” Kari growled ad TK took a sharp right turn flying down the street sending her sliding across the seat. “God, where did you get your license from, NASCAR?”

(D/C – For this directors edition, I just had to get rid of a bit of Kari’s bubbly, kind, sweetness!)

“Just hold on, angel. We’re almost there!” TK sighed, as the street light cast a red glow in the car. “And to think, today started so innocently. Who would have thought it could end in such misery on Kari's part?” TK asked himself as he drummed his nervous fingers on the steering wheel…


(D/C – This flashback sequence is a total rewrite of the two or three sentences that I had here explaining what happened up to this point! My writing style back then, as compared to now, was wam, bam, thank you ma’am. No real explanation for anything. Remember, I wrote these stories in high school, and I didn’t have no real computer at home until 2002, so my typing time on the school computer was limited, which I see really made my story line and dialogue suffer. I had to type fast and quick! Now that I have a computer and more time, I try to be as descriptive as I can, while still getting the story told! Enough of my ramblings back to the story!)

Koumiko stared at her cake in awe, her dark brown eyes glowing with the flickering flame on the candle.

“…happy birthday, dear Koumiko. Happy birthday to you!”

A loud cheer broke out through the apartment as Koumiko, with a little help from Izzy, blew out the single candle on her cake.

“I can’t believe it’s been a month already.” Mimi said, pulling out a knife and slicing along the round green and orange cake. “It seems like only yesterday when I was laying flat on my back pushing my baby girl out, and now I’m cutting her birthday cake!”

(D/C – In case you didn’t pick up on it, the orange and green cake is a bit of a nod to Izzy’s choice wardrobe in Season One.)

“Yeah, it’s been a great month!” Izzy said, bouncing a giggling Koumiko on his knee. “And this is just the tip of the iceberg, isn’t it sweetie?”

“Alright, everybody! Help yourself!” Mimi said to the others as she set a plate of stuffed bell pepers on the table next to a platter of raw oysters, surrounded by tiny bottles of Tabasco hot sauce Mimi ordered from Louisiana in the US. “And I want your honest opinions! I’m trying out some new western cooking styles!”

Kari quickly picked up a plate and padded her way to the table, loading it with oysters and bell peppers.

“Wow, Kari. Eat the sea, why don’t ya?” Tai joked, watching his sister sit down and wolf down her food.

“Oh, shut up! I’m eating for two!” Kari mumbled, mouth full of food.

“By the looks of it, looks like more than two.” Sora said, grinning. “It looks like you’re bigger than Mimi was.”

“You know, now that you mention it,” Mimi said, studying Kari intently as she slurped down an oyster. “You are a bit bigger. Are you sure that…”

Kari quickly swallowed the food in her mouth. “No way! There’s just one and one alone.” She laughed, setting her hand on the rounded part of her abdomen…

End Flashback…

…screaming bloody murder as her and TK walk slowly walked up to the reception desk. “My wife is in labor, can we see a doctor?”

“Of course.” The receptionist said, picking up the phone, and activating the PA. “Orderly to Emergency Room Check-in. Orderly to Emergency Room Check-in.”

Two minutes later, a man in blue hospital scrubs walked up with a wheelchair in tow. “Hi! I’m Taskau! Where are we headed?”
(D/C – Taskau is Natoa’s unseen brother on the anime series FLCL, which I absolutely adore!)

“Take these people to OB as quick as you can. I’ll alert the doctor on call.” The receptionist on call said, picking up the phone. “Good luck and congratulations!”

“Thanks!” TK called out as they disappeared down the hall.

* * *

(D/C – Now, this part of the story is a total rewrite of the 1999 original! When I read this story when I was planning the directors cut, this part of the story made me sick to my tummy! The idea was good, but the execution was terrible! So I decided to clean house, and give my better half a better introduction.)

“Say what? They’re coming up now? Oh, good grief. She’s scheduled for an appointment today! Can’t you give it to a resident? I know, I know. I’m the senior attending on duty and they’re my patients. All right, on my way.”

Dr. Miles sighed as she slapped her cell phone shut and rolled off the couch. “Nature calls, and I obey.” She mumbled to herself as she fumbled around the dark office for the light switch.

“I really need to get around to unpacking.” She grumbled, looking at the mound of cardboard boxes scattered on and around her desk. “I’m gonna button down and at least put up my diplomas…someday.” She said with a sigh as she walked out the door.

“Good morning, Dr. Miles! You’re up early, aren’t you?” a nurse said, wheeling an empty bassinet along side her towards the nursery.

“Childbirth waits for no body and nobody.” She replied with a grin. “And what did I tell you about calling me Dr. Miles?”

“Only do it in front of the patients if need be.” The nurse said, “I’m sorry, Tab. Call it force of habit.”

“A habit you need to break.” She said with a grin as she caught her reflection in the nursery glass. “Explain to me why I got braids in the first place?” she sighed, tugging at one of the short, dark ropes of hair.

“Cause you thought they looked cute, and they do!” The nurse said, batting her on the arm as she walked inside the nursery where a symphony of screaming babies could be heard.

(D/C – And she really does look cute in dreadlocks!)

Tab continued her walk down the hall until she reached the admission desk. “Good morning, Dr. Miles.” The receptionist said with an understanding nod. “Sorry, but you are they’re primary doctor…”

“I know. I know. Gimme her stats.” Dr. Miles sighed.

“She’s 39 weeks to term. Contractions are erratic and sporadic.” The receptionist replied, handing her the chart. “

“She reached flood stage?” Dr. Miles asked, thumbing through the pages as she walked down the hall.

“No, waters haven’t ruptured. Wow, I’m really catching on to that Louisiana dialect of yours. She’s in exam two.” The receptionist said, pointing down the hall.

(D/C – I had to give my hometown a shoutout in this updated version!)

“Just wait until I let you hear some of my Zydeco music! Now that’s real dialect!” Dr. Miles called from over her shoulder, as she reached the exam room.

“Hey, there! I’ve heard about being early for an appointment, but this is ridiculous. Now what’s going on?”

“I’ve been having these pains off and on for the past hour.” Kari explained, calmer than before. “But now, it seems like they’re gone.”

“She’s not due for a couple of weeks, so that’s why I brought her in.” T.K continued, holding Kari’s hand.

“Hmmmm…. I see.” Dr. Miles mumbled. “Now tell me,” She began, sitting casually on the bed. “What did you eat today?”

“Oh, some raw oysters, Tabasco hot sauce, stuffed bell peppers, birthday cake—“

“Don’t say another word.” Dr. Miles said, holding her hand up, her eyes closed in exasperation. “Please tell me that I wasn’t woken up for this. PLEASE tell me I wasn’t woken up for this.” She sighed to herself.

“Um, would you mind filling us in?” T.K asked, curiously.

“Girl, you are not going through any sort of labor…what you’re going through is—“


“Oh, boy.” Kari sighed, holding her forehead. “Did you have to call him?”

“Hey! You told me to! Scratch that, you ORDERED me to!” T.K said, rolling his eyes.

“Um, who is that?”

“My brother--” Kari sighed, just as the door flew opened and a mass of brown, messy hair streaked in and ran towards the bed.

“Kari! Oh my God, are you all right?! Is everything okay?! Did you have it already?! What’s going on?!”

“Will someone please explain to me what is going on?” Dr. Miles said, looking rather confused. “Would you be so kind as to tell me who are you?”

(D/C – Typical big brother looking out for little sister action going on here. Something I just wanted to accentuate in this version that the original was missing. Speaking of the original, in the 2000 version, I had the entire Digi-destined group, or clique as I like to think of them, run in dressed in all sorts of crazy ways, but for this version, I decided to scrap that, and cut it down to just Tai. The other’s will still make they’re debut later.)

“I’m her brother, Tai.” Tai explained, not letting his big auburn eyes off his sister. “I came as soon as I could, I’m sorry! Am I too late? Did you have it? Is it a boy or a girl?”

“No, no, you’re just in time.” Dr. Miles said as she scribbled on the chart. “Congratulations T.K, Kari. You’re the proud parents of a case of indigestion.” She said, ripping off a small sheet of paper and handing it to Kari. “I recommend a special formula of milk of magnesia.”

“You mean to tell me that I got all worked up over a case of indigestion?!” Kari exclaimed, falling back on the bed, a red flush coming on her cheeks. “I don’t believe this! I am totally embarrassed!”

Dr. Miles set a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Now, now. Don’t let it bother you. Lots of women come in here convinced they’re in labor and walk out twenty minutes later.”

“Really? How many have you seen doc?” Kari asked, giving the doctor a look that said, “Humor me, please!”

“Ummmm…this week?” Dr. Miles said, grinning sheepishly. “Umm, none. You’re the first this week…or month…”

“Oh great.”

“So, what now, doc?” T.K sighed, picking up Kari’s overnight bag, which he kept pack just in case. “Do we head home?”

“Stop by the pharmacy and pick up some milk of magnesia first,” Dr. Miles said, gesturing towards the paper she handed Kari. “Take it and then head home and get some rest. I’ll push back your appointment to 3:00 this afternoon so that way you’ll have the whole morning and afternoon to sleep and rest.”

“Okay, thanks!” Kari said, scooting out the bed and slipping on her shoes. “See ya this afternoon.”

“Thank you, Dr. Miles. I really appreciate you seeing us at this time of the night.” T.K said, helping Kari out the door.

“No problem at all. That’s my job, and I’m on it.” Dr. Miles said, giving a small thumbs-up.

(D/C – A bit of a nod towards one of my favorite songs. “That’s My Job” by William Bell. I give him more props later this story.)

“I’ll follow you two to the pharmacy.” Tai said, walking behind Kari, a supportive hand on her back. “Then I’ll follow you two until you get home--”

“Tai, you’re gonna worry yourself silly! Just relax! We’ll be allright!” T.K said, laughing.

“Oh, all right. I’ll calm down, but I’m still following you two home.”

Once the room was empty, Dr. Miles slumped back to her office, flipped out the lights, kicked off her shoes and laid out on the couch, asleep before her head hit the pillow.

(D/C – When I read this story for the directors revisions, I noticed that it was too hurried and too short. Like I mentioned countless times, I didn’t have a working computer at home, and the only access I had was the school computers! This was my blessing and my curse because I had enough time to physically write out a rough draft on paper then type it up whenever I have time, but on the other hand, I had to type up my school work as well and that took primary over nearly everything else. So, I found the time!)

* * *

(D/C – Again, this is another rewrite from the 2000 version of the story. Originally I just had one sappy moment when they’re driving home and the baby is kicking, just to add some sap. I decided for the director’s version to update it and make the section a bit longer, drawing out the moment for every sappy drop!)

“I have never been more embarrassed in my whole entire life.” Kari sighed as they ploped down in the bed. “Here I am, thinking I’m going to drop this kid right then and there, and it turns out that all I had was a case of indigestion!”

“Don’t worry bout it, angel.” T.K said, giving her a small kiss on the cheek. “In time, you’ll be making that trip up to the hospital, and we’ll be leaving with much more than a bottle of milk of magnesia.”

“I sure hope you’re right, T.K.” Kari said, slipping under the covers. “Hey, T.K?”


“What do you want? A boy or a girl?” Kari asked, setting a hand on her rounded belly. “Out of curiosity.”

“In a perfect world, I would want both.” T.K said, setting his hand on top of hers. “But if you were to twist my arm, I would say girl.”

“Well, you know I don’t care, as long as he or she is healthy, but I would want a boy.” Kari said, smiling. “Hmmm…our little one, whoever he or she is, is moving around faster than I can keep track!”

“How do you mean?” T.K asked, curiously.

“Well, whenever I felt it move, it would be on my left side for example. Then, a few hours later, I would feel another kick from my right!” Kari explained, sighing. “Maybe it’s just my imagination.”

“Ha. Wouldn’t it be something if you really were having twins?” T.K laughed as he rolled over to go to sleep.

“Don’t even play like that, boy.” Kari said, playfully jabbing him in the back. “Don’t even play.”


(D/C – Me again! In the 2000 version of the story, I had staged a bit of a confrontation between Matt and a few choice members of the boy band formerly known as N’Sync. It was a good idea at the time…or so I thought, but when I read the directors cut for the story, I wanted to crawl under a rock and die, then have someone drop that rock off the nearest volcano. It was terrible! So, to redeem myself, I decided to rewrite the whole scene, except for a very few lines!)

"Ok guys, that's a wrap!" T.K called through the studio microphone.

"How did it sound?" Matt asked through the PA. “Dude, we have gotta have perfection!”

"I'm running the playback now." T.K. replied, holding the earphones to his ears. "It sounds great," T.K said with a grin "Blue Crest is going platinum this year! Who said boy bands are going out of style?"

"I ain't gonna tell you again, WE ARE NOT A BOY BAND!" Matt growled knocking T.K’s hat off his head. “We’re a legit rock group!

"Ok! Ok! I get it! You're not a boy band!" T.K said laughing, "I got to get home and check up on Kari. You done with me?”

“Yeah, we can take it the rest of the way. Go ahead home, daddy!” the drummer laughed.

“I’ll probably drop in on you two later. Give Kari and the twins a hug for me!” Matt said, ruffling his brother’s bright blonde hair.

“For the last time, we’re not having twins!” T.K growled, shooting him an evil glance. “Why is everyone so certain that there are two of them in there? Has anyone ever thought that maybe she looks just a bit heavier because she’s so thin and small?!”

“All right, all right! Don’t freak out! There’s one and one alone! There! Happy?” Matt said, holding up his hands. “Now head on home and take care of your wife and you baby…BABY…singular…one and one alone.”

“Now that’s more like it!” T.K said, picking up his jacket and walking out the door, but not before muttering “boy band” out the corner of his mouth.

"I heard that!" Matt shouted as the door shut behind him. “All right, guys,” Matt said to the group as he walked to the digital control panel. “I’ll run the playback while we pack up our stuff. I think we’ve really improved over the past few weeks—“

There was a knock at the door. “Delivery for Blue Crest!” a voice called out from the other side.

“Hey, Taskau!” Matt called, as he worked the console. “Catch that for me will ya?”

“Sure thing.” Taskau said, setting his bass down and opening the door revealing a deliveryman holding a small package the size of a shoebox. “What is that?”

“Your guess is as good as mine.” The delivery guy said, as Taskau signed the digital clipboard. “Have a nice day.”

“Lets open it.” Matt said, taking the package in his hands and unwrapping the package paper. “Probably from some fan who—”

The instant Matt broke the seal on the lid of the box, a mass of blue paint blew the lid off the package, covering a shocked Matt and a few other equally surprised band members. Matt’s hair, which was a bright blonde color seconds earlier, was now covered in blue paint, leaving great streaks of yellow hair where the paint miraculously missed.

(D/C – Blue is my favorite color, needless to say.)

“A paint bomb package.” Taskau said, picking up the box Matt was holding. “Triggered to go off when opened. Not lethal, but the paint used is chemically enhanced to last longer and be next to impossible to remove.”

“Im-im-Impossible to remove…” Matt said, trembling with boiled over anger as he looked at his hands and clothes.

“Hey, what’s that?” The drummer asked, pointing to an envelope on the ground, sealed in a zip top bag. “Looks like a letter.”

Taskau opened up the bag, pulled out the clean white envelope and opened it. “DEATH TO INSTANT MUSIC POP GROUPS! QUIT DROWNING THE CHILDEREN! THE REAL ROCKERS RULE! DEATH TO BLUECREST! The Pillows.”

“Not these guys again.” Matt growled, plopping down in the chair where TK sat. “They really don’t like us!”

(D/C – I decided to change the assault band from N’Sync to The Pillows to really bring the story into the modern day. And besides, I was just begging for an excuse to use those song titles and lyrics in the letter!)

“Ummm, Matt?” Taskau said, keeping his voice calm. “What color hair dye do you use?”

“The same…yellow blonde…why do you ask?” Matt asked cautiously.

“Oh, have mercy.” Taskau groaned, digging in his guitar case and pulling out a mirror. “You might want to hold on to something…” he said, holding up the mirror so Matt could see.

Matt looked in the mirror and nearly passed out.

* * *

(D/C – Now this scene is a complete rewrite from the 1999 and the 2000 versions. Originally I had set this scene in the apartment, and all these crazy ideas like the egg rolls talking and stuff like that. It made me sick when I read it for the directors edition so out it went! I decided to replace this part with another sappy moment!)

“Feel it?” Kari asked, giggling.

“Oh yeah. It’s so weird.” TK sighed, a grin slowly growing on his face.

They were in bed together; TK had his head on Kari’s bare rounded stomach, his ear to her skin, eyes closed softly. Kari was playing with the strands of yellow hair on top of his head, twisting them around her fingers.

“What does it feel like to you?” TK asked, setting a hand on her stomach next to his cheek, watching the skin slightly rise up and relax down.

“Like someone blowing bubbles inside my belly that don’t pop. It freaked me out at first, but after I got used to it, It was the greatest feeling. I mean, there’s new life inside me, depending on me to survive.”

“Are you gonna miss it when it’s over?” TK asked, playing with the skin on her dark navel, which was now stretched out further than before.

“What, you playing with my belly like a beach ball,” Kari asked giggling. “Yeah, I’ll miss that a little, but it won’t last for long. I’ll have a new baby to keep me busy, and besides, we can always have more!”

“Already got plans on starting up again? You aren’t even through with this one yet.” TK laughed.

“I know, I know. But it always pays to plan in advance.” Kari cooed in his ear. “Hey, TK? Can you do me a favor?”

“Sure, sweet pea. What is it?” TK asked, still rubbing her belly gently.

“Can you run to the store and get me some strawberries and vanilla ice cream?”

“Strawberries and vanilla?” TK asked, curiously. “Why not just ask me for strawberry Ice cream?”

“It tastes better that way.” Kari said, as though this was the simplest, most logical answer in the world. “Ooh and can you pick up some squid from that little china shop on the corner?”

“Um, ‘cuse me?” TK said, looking at her as though she just asked him to dye his hair Mimi pink.

“I'm hungry!” Kari groaned, pouting her lips and gently rubbing the top of her swollen abdomen. “And the baby’s hungry too…”

“Oh, all right! I’ll go and get the squid!” TK sighed, grabbing his coat and car keys. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Thank you sweet baby!” Kari said, smiling. “Oh, and you don’t have to wait for them to cook it. Bring it as is.”

“AS IS?! You mean RAW?!” TK called from the living room.


“Oh, all right. But I’ll tell you one thing! When all this is over, when all is said and done, you better get ready to fix up some major league junk food when soccer season starts again!”


The digital clock on the table read 2:30 a.m.

Kari turned on her side for the 10th time that night. The aches in her stomach she had been experiencing the past few hours were slowly getting stronger and slightly sharper. Like someone slowly giving her an injection from the inside out.

She slowly sat up and held her stomach, trying not to wake TK, who was sound asleep next to her. “No…no…this can’t be happening.” She said to herself.

TK stirred next to her. “Mmmm. Kari…what’s wrong, babe?” He groaned.

“Oh, nothing, just a bit of indigestion.” Kari said, slowly sinking back into bed.

"You pigged out again." T.K said rolling over in bed.

“Do we have any Pepto-Bismol?” Kari asked, setting a hand on TK’s shoulder.

“Yeah, in the bathroom medicine cabinet.”

“Can you get it for me?” Kari cooed.

“Sure thing.” TK groaned, turning out of bed and slowly shuffled to the bathroom. “You know, that’s what you get for eating raw squid with strawberries and vanilla ice cream!”

Kari wasn’t listening. Another cramp had radiated up and down her back, twisting her insides like a tube of toothpaste. She felt her heart rate increase and tiny beads of sweat broke out on her forehead and slowly slid down her red flushed face. She slowly shifted her self in the bed trying to get a little more comfortable.

Then it happened. The growing bulge she felt for the past few hours in her vaginal canal ruptured inside her, causing mixed feelings of relief and terror for Kari as she felt a warm liquid flow out of her, soaking her pajamas and the sheets under her.

A tear streamed down her cheek. This was it.

As TK came back into the room, Kari turned on the lamp next to her and looked up at him with a knowing glance. “It’s time.”

* * *

(D/C – Now here is where I just got really imaginative and used pieces of the original story and meshed them with the director’s cuts! Most of the lines are all new, but the second fight with Yolei and Davis is almost completely unchanged!)
He was now in the car, driving a heavily panting Kari to the hospital. She said she could feel the baby moving down into the birth canal and she was really starting to feel heavy duty pressure.

T.K was not about to argue with a woman who was twice his weight and five times rounder and sturdier than he was. Plus the fact that she was in more pain than he ever been through, was good enough reason to switch on his hazard lights and blast through just about every red light and stop sign on the way to the hospital.

As they pulled into the E.R, they were met by the others, all anxiously waiting in the loading and unloading bay with a wheelchair.

“Looks like tonight’s the night, eh, Kari?” Davis said with a grin. “Finally gonna let that bun out of the oven, huh?”

“You allright, TK?” Matt asked, patting him on the back.

“Yeah, I'm fine, Mat..MATT?!” TK exclaimed as he looked up at his older brother. “What the heck did you do to your hair!”

“It’s a long story—“

“Matt got into some beef with “The Pillows”.” Tai said, walking besides Kari’s wheelchair. “They sent him a paint bomb package with blue paint…and if you know your colors…yellow and blue make…”

“Green.” TK sighed, looking at the faded green hue his brother’s hair now gave off. “Well, hopefully it’ll wash out before the concert next month!”

"Davis, look around for a 'no parking sign'. I don't want to get a ticket or get towed." Yolei ordered as she helped wheel Kari in the front doors.

"No problem!" Davis said, looking left and right. "All clear! I don't see any sign!"

As they went inside, Tai told them that Dr. Miles called from her cell phone and said that she would be a little late, and that the doctor on duty would take her place until she got there.

"I wonder who it could be." T.K asked nervously.

"Ok, who woke me up from my nap?" A deep and exhausted voice asked. "See, this is why I don’t like working the late shift in the ER! This is the last time I cover for someone”

Walking from the doctor's lounge, Dr. Josh McKnight made his way toward the group, rubbing his eyes and stretching his long arms and legs and popping his knuckles.

(D/C – I'm still not sure why a OB would be on duty in the Emergency Room of a hospital, but it works here, and I decided to go with it!)

"Well what do we have here?" He asked, grinning. "Kari Kamaya! How have you been? It's not so much fun from the giving end now is it?"

All she could do was shake her head, her teeth clenched in pain.

But if she could talk, you could guess that she would say something in the ball park of, "Shut the hell up and give me some drugs geek-boy!"

"Let’s see if we can get you into a room to see how you are progressing." Dr. Knight said, pointing to an exam room. "Did your water break?" he asked.

"Yeah, it did, five hours ago." T.K said in a worried tone. "She said she wasn't feeling that much pain and that we should wait a while, to not worry Tai." He continued as he helped Kari on the bed.

"Five hours ago!?" Dr. Knight exclaimed, "You should have came right then and there, forget about worrying somebody!" he continued, giving a severe glance to both of them “but no harm, no foul. Kari, you're fully dilated, and ready to push."

"No drugs?!" Kari growled, clearly ticked off in the purest form of the word.

"You should have come sooner. Looks like you're going to be doing this all-natural!"

Just then, Dr. Miles and Joe ran through the door, panting as though they just ran a 10K marathon.

"Sorry we're late," Dr. Miles explained "but there was a bunch of police officers outside the unloading bay. They looked like kids in a candy store as they wrote tickets one after another and put them on windshields. One of the cars was being towed. It looked like a royal blue Volkswagen Passat."

(D/C – At the time this story was written, the Passat was my second favorite car, the first was obviously the Beetle! I decided to keep this in the director’s cut!)

"DAVIS!!!" Yolei screeched "what-was-the-last-thing-I-asked-you-to-do- before-we-parked???" she growled, sounding out every word.

"I already told you," he said defensively "I didn't see a 'No Parking' sign anywhere around the bay!"

Both of them ran outside just in time to see the last of the police officers pulling off talking about how he was going to 'put his kids through college with this one'. Their cars were covered with tickets, and their wheels were locked with boots.

Yolei looked around for a sign or her car and finally sat down on the curb, head in hands. She then noticed something about the curb that was different from where her friends parked. It was red and blue with white lettering where her car was parked. She read the letters out loud:


"Oh!" Davis said grinning, "That's what the letters spelt! Oh well, live and learn!"

"Trust me," Yolei said standing up. "You may have learned," she said softly "BUT I DOUBT YOU'LL LIVE!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled, grabbing a street cone and beating the ever loving stuffing out of Davis.

He did, in turn grabbed a garbage can lid and another street cone and started clocking Yolei in the head, knocking her purple hair all out of proportion.

It was almost like watching a pretty good remake of Dragon Ball Z with Cell played by Yolei, and the frog played by Davis. And Yolei was in the mood for fried frog legs.

“Gee, they’re gonna make great parents.” Dr. McKnight sighed, as he punched in some commands in the fetal monitor keyboard.

“Oh yeah, definitely.” Dr. Miles agreed, walking on the other side of the bed. “Nice ring.” She said, as Dr. McKnight attached the monitor to Kari’s stomach. “High school?”

“Yep, Class of two-thousand and three. I went to Scotlandville Magnet in the US for the first three years, and Odabia Municipal here for my senior year.” Dr. McKnight explained.

Dr. Miles face broke out in a wild grin. “I knew I knew you from somewhere! You probably don’t remember me! Tazmonster!”

"Tazmonster?" Dr. Knight said, grinning also. “Of course I remember you! Tab! Oh my God, it’s you!”

They both laughed out loud giving each other a big hug over Kari's swollen, contracting belly, much to her dislike, which was understandable; the last thing you want to hear your OB's talking about is their high school days, especially while you're in labor!

"I didn't know you went into Obstetrics!" Dr. Miles said, surprised. “I thought you were definitely going into a computer field! I thought you were going to be the next Bill Gates or something!”

(D/C – I received this comment a lot during school. “Boy, you’re gonna be the next Bill Gates!” My bank account as of yet has not topped the 10 figure mark. But I still got hope! HOPE!)

“Well, I’ve been doing a lot of things since we last met I really got to fill you in on! I’ll tell you what? Why don't we go out and have a good long talk and catch up on some things? I know an out-of-this-world sushi bar not far from here. The fish is so fresh, it's still breathing! Wanna go?"

"Perfect! My car or yours?" Dr. Miles said, grabbing her coat.

"Let's take my car. You won’t believe how much work I put into it since the last time you saw it!” Dr. McKnight beamed as he and Dr. Miles walked out the door.

* * *

(D/C – I just had to rewrite this portion of the story! It just drove me batty how I had it written! Besides, it also gives me a chance to show off! Originally, I had made the vehicle a Navigator, but after recent events, I decided to change it up a bit. Read on and you’ll find out why.)

“Ok…keep those eyes closed…” Josh said, walking her over to the car. “Almost there…”

“Boy, what’s with the suspense?! You didn’t do THAT much to it, did you?” Tab said, feeling around for it with one free hand while the other was covering her closed eyes.

“You would be surprised!” Josh said, almost giggling with anticipation. “All right! We’re here! Open ‘em!”

Tab removed her hand and opened her eyes and caught sight of the vehicle. “Oh, Josh…”

The 1993 Acura Legend glowed in the moonlight. It’s sleek black paint caught the rays of the full moon and reflected them like a mirror. The surface was smooth as glass and as shiny as water. The big chrome rims glistened, as though they were just painted with pure platinum. The tire along the rim was glossy black. Josh stood back to let Tab digest every part of this new design.

“Josh…this is…how did…”

“Well, I had it shipped here from LA a few years back.” Josh explained as he pulled out the keys and hit a button on the remote control, unlocking and opening both the driver and passenger side doors. “When I got it, it was in worse condition than when you saw it last. So I decided to give it the works! New paint and body job, upgraded the computers, added the rims, overhauled the engine…the whole shebang!”

“Your sister would be so proud.” Tab said, smiling, a tear rolling down her cheek. “She really gave you a gift.”

“Yeah. I know she would be.” Josh said, nodding. “Wanna take a ride?”

“Of course I do!” Tab said, hopping in the front seat and gasped.

The whole interior of the car was redone, but it still looked about the same, except for a few changes, such as a big monitor build into the dashboard where the air bag module was originally, a new radio, which changed colors every three seconds like a small lava lamp, and the new instrument panel, which sported the original speedometer and tachometer, but now had a digital speedometer behind the mechanical one. The seats were redone too, now a glossy black and setting a little higher than what she remembered.

Josh slid in the driver’s seat and started the motor. “Let’s rock, shall we?” He said, shifting into reverse and thrusting the car out its spot and bringing it to a screeching stop by the road. “A little traveling music.” He grinned, sticking a CD in the player.

Almost immediately, a familiar tune began to play throughout the cabin of the car, causing Tab to jump:

“It's been one week since you looked at me,
Cocked your head to one side and said "I'm angry".
Five days since you laughed at me saying
"Get back together, come back and see me".
Three days since the living room,
I realized it's all my fault, but couldn't tell you.
Yesterday you'd forgiven me,
But it'll still be two days till I say I'm sorry.”

(D/C – For those of you who don’t know this is the title song from the Digimon: The Movie soundtrack as sung by Bare Naked Ladies, so I decided to toss it in there!)

Tab laughed loudly. “No you didn’t, boy! You didn’t!”

All Josh did was grin as he shifted the car into “Drive” and peeled out the parking lot.

* * *

“Wow! You really did a lot of work on this engine!” Tab said in awe, as they pulled from a green light. “How did you do it?”

“Well, after it was a real labor of love, kimosabe…A real labor of love, let me tell you. First I had to—“Josh cut off his sentence.

“Oh, come on! Tell me! Tell me!” Tab begged, gently tugging at his shirt. “What did you do?”

“Labor of love…Oh, Christ Almighty! Ummm, Tab…what’s the last thing you remember from the hospital?”

"Wait a minute, let me think," she stammered. "I came to the hospital with Joe, I saw the police in the parking lot, and I went in the hospital--" She paused, her _expression changed from concern to pure horror as her memory returned.

“And I signed up for my patient…one Kari Takahashi-- Oh, my good, sweet Jesus! We left birthing mother alone only seconds from delivery!"

“How could we over look that?!” Josh exclaimed as they pulled up to a red light. “Man, we really screwed up!”

“WE?! You were the attending on duty!” Tab said, on the verge of laughing.

“You’re just as much of an attending as I am!” Josh said, also laughing. “But what are we gonna do about it!”

“Well, first I recommend you go,” Tab said, pointing to the green light. “before you cause an international incident.”

“You know, that’s not a bad idea.” Josh said, hitting the left turn signal, shifting the Acura into overdrive, and stomped on the gas, whipping the car into a tight and fast u-turn, sending Tab into the door.

"I hope we're not too late." Dr. Miles said twiddling her fingers as they sped down the street. “How could we do something so irresponsible?!”

“Well…” Josh said, looking over at her with a small grin. “Chalk it up to good old fashioned friendship! Now let me show you what this car can really do!” he said as he pushed the pedal further to the ground.

The Acura gave a small lurched and rocketed towards the bright lights of the hospital.

* * *

When they walked in, Tai decided to ask the question that was on everyone's mind, but was not real polite to ask, considering...

"WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU TWO?!" he bellowed.

They had just walked in to pandemonium; Pure, unadulterated, funny, but none the less pandemonium.

T.K was at the foot of the bed with Kari's feet in the stirrups looking like he's playing a really, really slow game of catch.

Kari was screaming bloody murder to anyone who was listening or not for drugs.

Yolei was pacing back and forward yelling in her cell phone trying to get her car out of impound, Ken was trying to calm Yolei down reminding her of her delicate condition, and Tai was busy verbally slicing and dicing the two doctors who were now slipping into their protective scrubs.

"You left us here all alone to deliver a baby! I should write your superiors about this!" He growled, looking as though he was ready to blacken Dr. McKnight’s eye even darker than it naturally was.

"Tai calm down," Sora said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Let the doctor's do their job."

"Ok, Mommy." Dr. Miles said looking between her legs at the baby’s head, which was just about out the birth canal. "Give me a big push. The baby's head is almost out..."

Kari used every bit of energy and power she could muster and pushed her child out of her like a bursting dam.

"Congratulations, parents," Dr. Miles said holding the blood covered child in her hands. "It's a girl!" She then set the child on Kari's stomach. She wrapped the child in her arms and started hugging and holding her like she would never let go.

“Oh, hello my sweet darling. Hello. Yes. Welcome to the world, my dear sweet girl!” Kari cooed, laying back on the delivery bed, gently rocking her daughter.

T.K was beaming with pride as their child let out a very loud cry. “A…a girl? It’s a girl?” He stammered.

“Yeah,” Dr. Miles said, peeling the gloves off her fingers. “A baby girl.”

“Just what you wanted, bro.” Matt whispered, wiping a stray tear from his eye as he walked up to the couple. “My little niece.”

“Your one and only little niece.” Kari sighed, wearily, giving him a small rueful smile.

As the others came over, Dr. Miles walked over to Dr. McKnight who was studying a piece of paper that was being printed from the fetal heartbeat recorder. “Looks like something’s bothering you, what’s up?” She asked, curiously.

"Something is very odd with this reading." He said, studying the paper. “Look at this. Here is the reading before the birth,” He said, pointing to a point on the paper. “And here are the readings after the birth.” He said, pointing to a smaller point on the paper.

“Yeah, what’s your point?” Dr. Miles said. “You should know that sometimes you can get an off reading…or reading mom’s heartbeat.”

“I seriously doubt it.”

”You can’t be serious, can you?” Dr. Miles said, “I mean, this is extremely rare! One in a million odds!”

"Only one way to find out--Kari!" Dr. McKnight called out. "Are you still feeling contractions?" he asked as he made his way towards the foot of the bed and looked up the sheet.

"Yeah, but that's normal, right?" Kari asked, shifting uncomfortably in the bed as Dr. McKnight examined her. "The extra contractions help expel the birth fluids and evacuate the womb right?”

"Oh, you’re doing more than expelling birth fluids. You’re HAVING another baby! I don't know why it didn't show up on the ultrasound, but it's not totally uncommon."

"No way! There's no way I'm giving birth again without drugs!" Kari snarled, clutching handfulls of the sheets in her fists.

"Like we've been saying, you can't have drugs. You came in too late!" Dr. Miles said, calling down for another baby warmer. "By the time the drugs took effect, you would have delivered by now."

"I don't believe this!" Kari groaned. "I'm having twins with no drugs!"

"Let me make a believer out of you," Dr. Knight said with a grin as he headed toward the closet at the end of the room.

He came out with a mirror on wheels. He positioned the mirror at the end of the bed to show Kari her emerging baby. "Your body is doing it for you, Kari." He continued. "All you have to do is watch."

So they watch as Kari's second baby came out on its own. After the head was delivered, Dr. McKnight gave the instruction to Kari to grab the baby and place it on her belly.

T.K held the baby girl in his arms and pointed at the mirror for her to see her little brother or sister come into the world, still in shock about what was going on. Not one, but two little angels blessing their lives! Totally unexpected. But then, what miracle is expected?

Kari only had to push once to deliver her new baby boy. There was a great cheer all around the room as she held the child in her arms.

"Congratulations," Dr. McKnight said his arm on Dr. Miles shoulder. "You did it mommy."

"What are their names?" Tai asked with tears shining in his dark auburn eyes.

"How about Takashi for the boy and Kishi for the girl?" Kari asked looking up at T.K.

"Beautiful," Dr. Knight said with a smile. "Dr. Miles, I think I owe you some sushi." He said giving her a grin.

"Wait a minute." Dr. Miles said, signing the chart. "Allright, we can go. I wanted to be sure everything was completed before we leave this time."


(D/C – This is a total rewrite of the ending of this chapter! The original was a little too…stale. I know that’s not the right word, but I didn’t like it, so I slashed through it and added a bit of color to it!)

Dr. Miles let out a loud laugh. “So, that’s when you decided to get into Obstetrics?”

“Yeah!” Dr. McKnight said, grinning broadly, as he unlocked the door. “We were in the middle of the forest, nowhere near civilization, and she was seconds away from delivering! What else could I do?”

“Boy, you are crazy.” Dr. Miles said, as she opened the door and plopped in the seat. “So you got her in the creak and delivered her?”

“Yep. I realized that it was just a slow game of catch, so I just went with my gut instinct and caught!” Dr. McKnight explained as he started the car.

(D/C – A tie-in to “Ride on Shooting Stars. In fact, for this new directors edition, I'm gonna make tie-in’s to the “Shooting Stars” story because it was an interesting idea that I had playing in my mind for quite a while. The age and timing was right for the characters; both Digimon and the real life ones, and the story lines could mesh together quite beautifully, but I’ll let you be the judge.)

“Insane. Insane yet ingenious!” Dr. Miles laughed as they speed out the parking lot. “Out of curiosity, was that girl with the purple hair one of your patients?”

“No, I just knew her before from a delivery I did a few months ago. She’s not registered with our OB services. In fact, she’s registered with a midwife service that specializes in home births.”

“Ah.” Dr. Miles said, nodding. “Well out of our jurisdiction! I know you happy!”

Dr. McKnight sighed, leaning back in his seat as he pulled to a stop sign. “Oh yeah, you know it! I can finally get a restful night’s sleep for once without worrying about a patent going into labor!”


(D/C – Now this was where the original version and the 2002 rewrite stopped, but to add a bit of suspense to the scene, and to make this chapter a bit longer, I decided to put part of “Rekindling Love” here, rewritten, of course!)
"Come on people. I just got off duty…" Dr. McKnight groaned as he felt around his bedside table for his cell phone.

"McKnight here," he said groggily. "Say what? She did? When? Where’s Joe? Give the case to him and if he needs help just…All right…all right…I'm on my way…huh? Do what? Ok. Okay…I’ll get her too." he mumbled hanging up.

He then reached for the light panel on the digital display, but instead, he pressed the TV control causing the 60 inch plasma screen in front of him to switch on.

“And finally on E! News Daily, the world’s first couple of Pokemon, Ash and Misty Ketchum, is now in the final days until they can welcome their new son or daughter into the world! The Ketchum’s, who announced that they were expecting a child early this winter, are now debating on names for their new bundle of joy. Our cameras caught up with the two earlier this week:”

"We're real excited!" Ash said, with a big grin on his face. "If it's a boy, we're naming him Pikachu!"

"Over my dead and cold body!" Misty yelled, slugging Ash to the ground.

The news report continued. “This lovers quarrel didn’t last long due to Misty’s “Condition” but you better believe that after the birth, she’ll be back in the fighting game more feistier than ever on can expect…”

(D/C – I had really hated the original version of this little snip of story. It was too forced in my opinion, and described too much! So I decided that instead of the writer writing out the whole “Ash/Misty” sequence, I decided to make it a news report and let the reporter do the job of the writer! Clever, eh?)

"It takes all kinds," Dr. McKnight thought as he switched off the TV and turned the lights on around the room. He then got up and started to dress in his regular khaki and blue hospital scrubs.

After a thought, he pressed the speakerphone button on the control panel, and hit the number three entry, right below “Mom” and “Hospital”: “Tab Miles”.”

"Who is it?" she groaned, after nine rings.

“Guess who called?" Dr. McKnight said, wryly.

To Be Continued…

(D/C – And once again, my friends, we reach the end of the very active directors edition of “The Light Of Hope”. This story, by far, is the hardest rewrite I ever did up to this point. However, I have yet to look at the original “Rekindling Love” chapter of this story for editing! I hope you look FOR it, though in the coming days! Until then, this is your writer with wit, KhakiBlueSocks, signing out!)

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